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Paper towel shredder

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Hey everyone, King David seems to have a new hobby of shredding paper towels. He also loves to grab our feet and hang on. He's so funny. he also likes to nibble on our hands a lot. Its so different having a 5 month old kitten around, Shadow was given to me when she was 2yrs old. also I have a question?? Will David still be the same lil loving kitty when hes nuetered?? Hes such a mush right now. He also eats and eats. i love lil David!!! I love my shadow and also mittens but they dont keep me exercisin as much and David does lol!!!
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lol heyu will steal a roll of paper towels and tear them apart,
but so far at least my 2 do not go after the TP monster.
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We have a paper towel shredder too. We have very little cabinet space so we bought a pantry cabinet and we attached the paper towel holder to the side of it. Well Uno gets on top of the cabinet and then grabs and shreds the paper towels.

We have stopped using the holder

At five months he should get neutered soon. The sooner the better. I noticed no difference after my cats were neutered or spayed other than they were slightly calmer but that can also be because they have gotten older.

They still chase the laser pointer though
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Molly loves to shredd toliet paper!!
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My cats got at a roll of paper towel the other day and went crazy. Mine both calmed down after they were spayed/neutered but they are still really hyper and still love to cuddle.

Both of mine used to grab my feet when they were kittens and it drove me crazy. They would put all their claws and teeth into my feet and just hang there.
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