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we're adopting an 8 year old golden retriever on saturday

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Well I have again fallen in love. A couple has moved and now can't take their beloved 8 year old golden retriever with them. They couldn't afford the surrender fee to the rescue but the rescue has posted an ad for him free of charge on their site.

Someone contacted me because he's in my state and they knew my friend was looking for a golden retriever (they love our puppy). So I let my friends know but they didn't want one quite that old.

Fortunetely for him, probably unfortunetely for my husband, I have fallen in love with the old man and my husband has agreed to go take a look at him on Saturday and that means as long as he likes us he'll be coming home with us that day.

This'll make the 3rd and final dog for our house, we probably shouldn't even have 3 but he needs us. We can afford his vet and food care and we can give him plenty of attention so I told my husband that is all that matters. We'll will make due with less space to make sure he gets a permanent forever home and doesn't wind up in a shelter.
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Good for you. That is wonderful for the poor man. He will be so lost and confused without his family, it's just lovely that you are going to take him in and love and cherish him. Ohhh it's just so fantastic to know that there are people like you out there
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I'm sure we'll get him through the rough spots when he first gets here we'll spoil the crap out of him! I have to get some weight off him and I'll probably switch his food a senior formula and better quality than he's on now but he sounds like a great dog really laid back and great with other animals and kids (which is important when you have two toddlers).

I was considering rescuing a 3rd dog but didn't want a puppy or young dog because of the training and everything so he's perfect he doesn't need a lot of exercise and he's already housebroken and knows lots of stuff. I have a 9 month old puppy and 3 year old dog as well so I think I'll appreciate the change of pace an older dog may bring into the house.
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AHHHHHHH.... Thats SO wonderful!!! Its so hard to find homes for older animals. I think its great you decided to take him in. I'm sure you'll make him feel right at home!
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That is wonderful!!! And please, dont forget to post pics!!
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Bless you for taking in an older dog.

I know most people want puppies or young dogs but I prefer getting older ones. They are calm and have manners. They are already house broken and they are easy to integrate into the family.

The senior dogs have so much love to give and eight is really not that old.

We adopted our Hanna almost a year ago and she was 13. You would never know it though. She is a very good dog.

Please post pics. I can't wait to see your new family member.
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Awww that's so great! My Golden is about 11 years old, we rescued her when she was about 1 1/2 years old (she was a stray, I found her.) They are such great dogs! Mine is a therapy dog and she just loves everyone...
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lonelykitten that's great. I have a Golden myself and they are such wonderful dogs. Bless you for giving this middle-aged gal a good home!
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We've had Goldens and Old English sheepdogs for our entire married lives. Usually a combination of three, though I always want more. In fact, I married my husband to get his Old English.

The bigger the dog, the shorter their lives are supposed to be. Ours have lived to 14, for the most part.

You will get a loving, gentle, smart, giant lapdog. One of the best breeds for families with children.
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Thank you! He is home and getting situated. He's trying to get over the ranking issues with the other two dogs so they aren't being left alone for awhile. We are all beat and about to turn in for the night. He is very upset so I haven't gotten any pictures of him yet. He wants to go home, you can tell. I feel so bad so we're just doing our best.
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