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hi to everyone

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i wanted to say hi to everyone! ive become so crazy about my cats i was urged to find some friends to talk with them about. these are my babies they're names are apoc and switch but mostly they get called jake and fred by family members.

its so great to see so many other cat lovers!! im looking forward to getting to know everyone!

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Welcome to the site! Boy did you find the right place! There are TONS of people here who would all love to hear about your cats, as long as you can put up with our own cat stories. You've got a couple of very handsome boys there.

I look forward to getting to know you more in the forums!
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Welcome to Icey, Jake & Fred! Cute pics!

When you get a chance to look around, drop by the Lounge and we'll be happy to hear more about you and your fur family!

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thanks for the welcome!! i look forward to hearing all your cat stories!!
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Welcome! LOOOOVVVVE to talk about cats!

You have very handsome fellows!
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Your kitties are precious! How did they each get two names?

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thank you all! i cant say how happy i am to find this forum! i'm so looking forward to hearing about all your kitties!
they got their nicknames fred and jake because a family member refers to them as *good dogs* and that song....if i die before i wake feed jake....lol they tend to refer to it so jake and fred just kinda stuck with them.
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LOL that is a cute story. Wonder if they mind being called dogs ?
Good to meet you and your kitties!

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You have come to the right place for sure. We all love cats and pics and stories. You have some lovely cats. I liked the story about how they got their names. I have 3 cats. Gus & Homer and Domino. Gus & Homer have a story behind how they got their names too. My fiancee and his youngest brother used to act out that Eddie Murphy skit from Saturday Night Live about Gus & Homer. If you're from the old school, you probably know what I'm talking about. If not, trust me it was funny. Seems that Eddie was Homer and his cousin Gus always came over and everytime they had a bar-b-q, Gus would light such a blaze that he almost burned the house down. Ha! ha! Well Bill, my fiancee, and his brother always think they have to have a roaring fire whenever they cookout. So they got the nick names Gus and Homer and since Bill's brother was the one that alerted us about these cats needing "rescued", and Bill agreed, I thought it was only fitting to name them after both of these two. So, that is how Gus & Homer got their names. Thought I'd share that with everyone.
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lol thats a great story sarah! i have a friend whose really into eddie murphy so they would probly know ill have to ask them about it. thank you for sharing!!
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Love those pictures!


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