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The Kitty and the Potty

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Seamus has his litterbox set up in this room where I have an office and most of his stuff all set up for "his room" I doubt it's on purpose, but lately, it seems like he makes it a point to go poo when I am in here. At least once, and sometimes even twice a day, he insists on going when it's computer time. He stinks me out of the room... There are 8-10 hours a day I am not home during the week and though I'm home on weekends, I don't spend much time in here, not to mention there's the 8 hours I sleep, but he goes when I'm in here... just thought I'd share, because as I sat here reading, he went in and did his business and it's gettin a lil stinky
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When we lived in our apartment, the litterbox was in the hallway by the bathroom, just on the other side of the wall where our dining room table was. Almost every night near dinner, Callie would decide to poop. I'm not sure if that was because she wasn't invited to the table or what, but it sometimes made dinner a stinky experience!!

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He's got some way of showin it Why can't he fetch a toy when I want him to or give me a kiss... no, he stinks me out of the room then smacks me in the head when I go sit on the couch... he's on a roll tonight.
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That's soo funny because that's something Joe Poopers do! ( this we nickname him poopers) ahahha
Because we would be out all day at work and Joe would wait for us to come home from work to go poop! This was his routine: ( and I am writing this in the past because we moved, so his routine got all messed up lol)

we get home, open the door and there he was! He would be sitting right by the door, waiting for us. he got hit by that door so many times, i lost count lol. So afterwards, we walk in, he head butts us on our legs, rolls over and we pet him. He gets up, walks to the kitchen and meows for his food. Hubbie feeds him and he eats and goes poop.

I go fix dinner, he comes sit in the kitchen floor watching me cook dinner. I get dinner done, set the table and we sit to eat and there goes Joe Poopers, to the litterbox and lets out a very stinky poop lol

Foward a few hours, we get ready to go to sleep, we get in bed and joe runs to the litterbox, stinks up the whole apartment, so we have to smell it while we try to sleep and 2 minutes later, he jumps on the bed, dirty, stinky butt and all!

We wake up in the morning to get coffee and he runs to the litterbox and leaves us a gift before we leave the apartment

yeap, he waits for us to be home so he can go poop. We joke that he is afraid of the boogiepoopmonster, so he makes sure we are home when he needs to go poop
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