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Pleased to meet you and to introduse ourselves

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Hello all!
I'm pleased to introduce my cats to you!
A lovely cats were presented to us by Nature lately.
I mean Don Sphynx. They appeared in Russia about 15 yaers ago.
I have no photo to show you at the moment,
but I'm working on my site and hope you can see my cats soon!
Actually, I didn't like cats (and I'm really sorry) before I saw
Don Sphinx. The reason was that I couldn't have sich a miricle as a cat at home.
I wish I could met Don Sphynx earlier, because my mother
has an allergy (for the cat's coat), so we couldn't have a cat at home. But Don Sphynx has no coat! Now my husband and I have two Sphynx at home, and we love them!
The yangest is eight months old and the other is three months older
Thanks for reading my story and sorry for mistakes - I'm just a beginner in English.
With love,
Helen, Kroshechka and Little Melamory
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Welcome to the site! We have people from all over the world here, but I think you are the first person from Russia that I have seen. How exciting! We love meeting new people and learning about cultures from around the world. Sphynx cats are so adorable, I hope that your website is up soon so we can see your beautiful cats.

I'm so glad you found us here, and look forward to getting to know you!
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Hi, Helen! It must seem like a miracle to you! Finally you're able to have a cat. They are such a blessing to us. I have worked with two teachers from your country, but you are the first Russian person I have met on this site. I'm so glad you have joined us. Please keep telling us about your Sphynx! Don't worry about your English; you're doing fine. It's good to use the language and read it often.
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Welcome to the forums. Your English is great.
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Welcome! So pleased to meet you. I am looking forward to hearing about you and your cat!
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Welcome to you from me and Divot who is sleeping on the chair and Josie who is sleeping on the rug. Your English is fantastic. I can't speak Russian at all.
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Welcome to a very addicting site!

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Helen, How wonderful that you have found us! I was taught Russian by my father, but that was about 20 years ago, and sadly I've forgotten what I knew (my father was born in Lvov, originally in Poland and now in the Ukraine and could speak Russian fluently).

Please come and join us, whether to chat or to ask any questions. I'm fascinated by the Sphinx cat - I can't imagine a cat without any fur!!

Your English is excellent, so don't worry at all - we all understand what you wrote.
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Thanks for very pleasent words!
And now I would like to share my cat's success in her career: today we went to the Cats Show and she won CACGIB! I'm so proud!
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Congratulations to you and kitty!!
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That's great news! Congratulations. You deserve to be proud.
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Hi and welcome. How neat to see cat lovers from all over the world.
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I love cats, moreover, I think I started adore them! Now I'm going to have a Cattery!
I had some problems with the name for it, but now I think I found a good name - Solnishko Moe/Mojo/Moyo. It means My Sun. But how does it sound in English - that's the question...
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Greetings and welcome!! I have a lot of respect for everyone who has mastered a second language well enough to post in it!! Can't wait to see some photos of your feline babies!!
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Wow! How exciting to have someone on the forum from Russia! I can't wait to see your babies! I love Rex and Sphinx ! I have always wanted to adopt one. Little pixie babies!
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And some more news from Russia! My kitty on of the first page of the magazine named "Between Cat and Dog"! I'll try to skan it and put somewhere to show you!
And I can't wait till kittens will be born!
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That's really great news! They must be of excellent quality. Be proud.
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But I'm not proud, I'm just very happy!
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That's wonderful Helen! Does that magazine have a website? Many times they will have the covers on their site, and you could share the link even if we couldn't read it (if it is written in Russian).
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Unfortunately they don't have a website, but I hope I could skan this and post then.
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Hi Helen
This site isn´t a grammar test in English.So no reason to worry at all.Simply write whenever you want to get in touch.I spend a lot of time here. I`m disabled: My left side is paralysed after a stroke.So there isn´t much that I can do.All the best and enjoy the unfurries.
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Its me again! I'm back! And I have some great (for me) news: you can see my cats on site www.amdeluxe.com The site is not finished, but êîÃ:censor:òÃ:censor:êò, ñòÃ:censor:Ã:censor:äÃ:censor:ðò (contact, and Standard but in Russian only)and guestbook do work(ãîñòåâÃ:censor:ÿ) so you can find my cat there!
And the other news is that I adopted another one cat, also don sphynx, (DSX). She is 4 month old, torby (torty with red! lines) and she's lovely! as soon as I can I'll have my cats fotos put on the site! so, have a look!www.amdeluxe.com
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And the other one thing - my cat will be Mom in March, beginning/ And I'll inform you about this adventure in my Cattery's life (it's our first birth)
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Cherry, the site looks very good, and your cats are beautiful! Congratulations on being a kitty grandmother!
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Thanks. Kittens grow up and bring a lot of lough in our lives! It's so exiting! Love them all!
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I'm going to place new kittens pictures on the site! Have a lookcats here
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Hi, Helen and Welcome!!

Don Sphynxes are very fragile looking! i am studying hieroglyphics now, and am really interested in Egyptian culture... the Egyptians in the past, treated their cats like royalty!

Here is a website that i hope you will find some info on Don Sphynx: i noticed you can email to someone in Russia as well (in case you have questions and stuff like that):


i learnt Russian phrases while i was residing in Boston, from a friend from Latvia. Currently, i learn Russian phrases from my good friend, Lucy, who is from Ukraine. i hope to visit St. Petersburg one day, as i researched on Russia before, and would love to go Russia and Latvia, Riga especially.

Take care, n give a kiss to your sweet kitty for me!

Cheers! (with Vodka of course!):tounge2:

:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:
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Well, I did it! Pictures of my litter is on the site! kittens Have a look!
And yesterday we first feed the litter (I mean all kittens) with meat! It was really funny! But they like it!
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