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All Life Stages Dry Food Which One?!

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Currently, my kitten is eating Nutro Natural Choice Indoor Kitten/canned natural life+nutro+iams and my roommates cat is eating Indoor Purina Cat Chow/meow mix cups+packets. Both cats are free fed dry food and they tend to each others' food (my roomie doesn't care, but I DO). So, we've decided to split a bag of good quality all stage dry food.

Anyway, I need to find an all life stage dry food that has at least 6 pounds for $10 (or roughly $2 or less a pound). I have been looking on Petfooddirect.com for the past hour and I have some options...but I'm so confused! Based on the ingredients of what both cats are currently eating, which new brand would they most likely prefer and would be an ok transition for their stomachs?

Natural Balance Ultra Premium Formula ---6.6lbs $10.49
Solid Gold Kats-N-Flocken---4lb $7.99
Felidae---5lb $8.29
Chicken Soup (I heard that this is all stage...Does that mean it's ok to feed the dry adult food to a kitten?)

Any other options that I'm just not seeing?
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chn soup is all stage in kitten formula ...

how young is the kitten??? if over six months adult food( which is what most "all stages" are ) is fine
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Thanks Sharky. Yeah, my kitten is just about 6 months old, so I suppose Chicken Soup Adult will be ok for him then.

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use the kitten... the adult IMHO is too low in protein 30% .... is more like a senior ...
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Ok thanks. Also, what about Diamond Naturals cat food? The ingredient list looks ok to me for the price. The Active cat formula is apparently ok for cats and kittens.

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Will look tomarrow
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I like the Diamond Naturals dry cat food(Note, regular Diamond Maintenance isn't good). I am considering switching my farm cats to it because it is slightly cheaper than Chicken Soup for me.

ETA: Link for Diamond Naturals Active Cat:
And Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat:
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Thank you Natalie

the active looks good ... the indoor is a decent for the $$ but there are better in the price class
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FYI, if you email diamond, they will send you free samples, I did this with my kittens and they sent me samples of their adult, kitten, and maintenence (I have an overweight cat) as well. Chicken soup also sent me samples. Between the two, my kittens eat both, but seem to really LOVE the chicken soup kitten more so than the diamond.

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