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Survey says...

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Hi everyone,

Have not posted in a couple of weeks, but we are on the way to Chicago to pick up the kittens. As I have mentioned before, the Queen was rescued by us in July and has been living with my brother's family and their 4 cats since. We are taking the two kittens home this weekend, for our first feline experience. They will have their own bedroom the first night and then we plan to introduce them to the house the next day. I thought it would be fun to take a survey over their predicted behavior.

When we open the door the first morning, will they:

1. tear from the room and start exploring?
2. curl up on the couch and do nothing?
3. timidly approach us to say hello?

What do you think???
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I think number 1.
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#3 because if you plan on just opening the door, more then likely they will be cautious and overwhelmed in unfamilar territory. I'd leave them in one room for a few days THEN allow them out under supervision.

You go in the room and sit quietly on the floor and play with them so they are used to you before exploring the house
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To clarify the "opening the door" comment in my original post. I did not mean we would open it and walk away. I just meant, first thing, when we open the door and walk in to be with them, how will they react?
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#3 - they won't be used to you so will be more cautious. Cats in general are a lot more cautious then a puppy would be
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I think a combination of #1 and #3. I have a pair of littermates. One is the brave one, and one is the cautious one.
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I tend to think #3 as well. They'll be in a new environment which is scary to kitties and it will be their first time away from mom.
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