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TCS vibes worked again!!

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I posted a thread in July (?) asking for vibes for my twin sis as she was searching for a new job. Note the word "was"
She actually didn't get that position but had applied for another one and she got the job offer this morning!!! Couldn't tell me too much as she had to give notice at her current position.

She will be changing careers after over 25 yrs of being a college coach.

Me on the other hand I could use some vibes as one of my current clients contacted me about possibly doing some landscape changes around their building ( I have to work with the building owner however) and another potential landscape maintenance of a mfg facility (I have one of the companies buildings already and do work at their corp office and know a decision maker!!!

So thanks for the vibes and keep them coming.
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Congrats to your sister.
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Wow, great for your sister Gail!!

Sending more vibes for you
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Once again TCS vibes work their magic! Sending more good luck vibes to you and your sister!
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Awww, those vibes really do work, don't they? Must be that new smilie..

Congrats to your sister! & more vibes to you!
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Congratulations to your sister!
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wow, changing after 25 years? congrats to her and lots of landscaping vibes to you!
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