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Please welcome Pumpkin :)

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We rescued him yesterday

He/we are anxiously awaiting his step-brothers to be here late next month!
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TOO cute! What a beautiful color!!!
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He reminds me of my old foster kitten Cash. Same fluffyness and just adorable!
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OMG, what a doll baby. I want him!
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Welcome to TCS Pumpkin!!!

Look at all that fuzz, makes me want to squeeze him!
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Just too adorable for words!!! What do you mean you're anxiously awaiting his stepbrothers next month, though?
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I am adopting two more white fur babies from my brother-so..yes my hands will be full with fur babies..
AM I crazy??

Nooooo.....just lonely and need to fill up my house....
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Aaaack! He is way too cute!!

I love his fluffyness!!!
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Where's the cuteness warning??

Welcome to TCS, li'l Pumpkin -- you're a doll!
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THANK YOU for rescuing adorable, precious Pumpkin (who reminds me so much of my eldest, Nicolas T. Cat, when he first found me 18 years ago!) and another kitten, loving them, and sharing Pumpkin's adorable pix with us! I know you're going to be a very happy family having him and another little one join you!
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ooooh look at that cutie-patootie fluffy-uffems!!! he is adorable!
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Oh my heart!

What a completely adorable ball of sweet fuzz!

I'm in love!
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Where was the cuteness warning? What a beautiful kitten...sending him kitty kisses from New Hampshire! And welcome to TCS!
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sorry..forgot the cuteness warning
But I am biased ya' know?
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He is gorgeous I love his fluffy fur
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He is so cute w/all that fluffiness going on!!
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We just had "him" to the vet and found out I was way wrong!
Pumpkin is a girly~girl!
We still love her anyway!!!
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She's absolutely precious and I love her name!!!
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thanks! I am glad we picked a gender neutral name!
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Aww Pumpkin is beautiful, so cute.
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Ahhh I love kittens! I want to squeeze him!!!
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