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Question about brands of food...

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i am currently feeding Monster Purina Kitten Chow and he gets 1/2 a can of Fancy feast twice a day.. i had always been under the impression that these were good brands, but after reading several threads about this i have seen that many of you dont think that they are good. i only want the best for him and if these foods can cause problems for him or arent of good quality then i want to get better food for him. what do you guys suggest?
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Here is a thread I started for the WHAT and WHY folks feed

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These brands contain byproducts and other ingredients which are not something I would eat or feed my loved ones; I opt for premium brands containing "human grade" ingredients (the only exception being ProPlan, which I am trying to phase out, as it seems to upset two of my boys' stomachs) such as Nutro Max Cat, Natural Choice and Complete Care; Natural Balance; Optimum Nature's Recipe; Solid Gold Katz-n-Flocken; PetGold; Triumph; Trader Joe's; and the abovementioned ProPlan. All of these except Trader Joe's are obtainable at Petco, PetsMart, and other "pet" supply stores. Trader Joe's is the store's own private label.
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You are not alone... When I was growing up we fed our two family cats "purina cat chow" because we thought it was a good food too... AND it IS good food when compared to some of the others that contain dye (which can make your cat throw up) or the semi-moist foods which are very bad for your kitty.

That said, when I adopted my first cat, Toby, I wanted to do some research and find out which brands of food were better for him.

I decided to go with Nutro Natural Choice dry, for several reasons,
1.) It's available at petsmart and petco as well as one other store in town "petland" (which I don't shop at). So, I know that if I travel and run out of food (or move) it should be available in my area.
2.) It is a deacent price (I usually get the 4lb bag on sale for $9.99). Which is cheap compared to some more expensive high-end foods.
3.) It comes in several types / varieties (I have two kittens that are on the kitten nutro right now and Toby is on weight managment). Especially, if you consider nutro MAX as well (it is a little cheaper than natural choice).
4.) Nutro usually has coupons fairly often (nutro reps come to various stores on a schedule and usually hand out or leave coupons). They also have a free trial bag promotion (check out the "free stuff" thread...can't remember the exact title of it). AND, they even had a $6 off a bag rebate a couple months back, which I just recieved in the mail.

Other than the dry (which is the staple of their diet), I feed a variety of wet foods... chiefly the petsmart "authority" and nutro "max" and "natural choice" although I do mix in the meow mix market selects cups and others for varietie's sake.

I have also heard great things about chicken soup for the cat lover's soul and I would feed it if it were available in my area... I emailed their customer service and recieved a free sample of the kitten, adult, and adult light formulas. It is also supposed to be a little cheaper than nutro and the ingredients look good to me.

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