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Alive Day on HBO

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I'm posting this here because some of the stuff these Soldiers went through is graphic and very sad.

If you get a chance please watch it. It will put a whole new point of view on the war for you.
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Anyone see it yet?
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I don't have HBO. Wish I was rich enough to have it, but I am just too poor. It sounds like it would have been interesting. They should make it available for those of us who aren't rich.
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I saw this the other day. I'd recommend it. It wasn't overly political, like a lot of these shows can be. It was basically just sitting down and talking with the people (and, in one case, his caretaker/mother) who were severely injured about how their lives have changed. Having dealt firsthand with family and friends being injured and killed in Iraq over the past few years, it wasn't exactly Earth-shattering for me, but I sometimes forget how far removed other people can be from these things. It's easy to forget that not everyone has had to visit people at Walter Reed or attend military funerals. It's definitely worth watching.
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I seen it... It really gives you a whole new perspective on the war...

It shows how it affects people
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