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auto feeders and more food questions

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Does anyone have an automated feeder that you would recommend to work well? It would need to be the kind to hold wet food.

Currently Zoe (6 months old, Ragdoll) eats all wet. It keeps her poops consistent and well formed WE all know how important that is! In the past few months since I've had her, I have tried all dry(which she came here eating), a combo of 1/2, mostly wet with dry for snacking, etc.....what I found was, any dry and she had runny poos again and I had to clean her most times because of her longer hair. That got old for me and her!

My issue now is... having been a sahm for years, I am going back to work part time(3 to 5 days a week). She tends to eat smaller meals a few times a day, so with no dry out, I wonder if she can just learn to schedule feed in the mornings(she normally eats about 6am), around 4pm and again later before bed? Should I get an auto feeder for her midday meal, or should I try the dry a bit at the time again. The only dry I tried that she halfway liked(she pretty much snubs all dry really) was Nutro Max kitten. I also thought of trying Wellness dry kitten? Would this problem get better as she is getting older and maybe their systems are less sensitive? I really just hate to revert back to all the yuckiness though.....

Any thoughts? All appreciated!
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I'm very interested in reading any replies you get regarding this, as I'm in the same situation. I have two Raggies who both had diarrhea until I switched to all wet food, but I would love to leave out dry for them to graze on. No can do right now....
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Unfortunately I think you need to get them on a schedule that suits you rather than the other way around. We have a Petmate automatic feeder for dry food which spits out dry twice a day and works well for us.

It's hard to find a good automatic wet food feeder because the risk is that the food will go off and nobody wants to risk being sued for poisoning a cat!

Good luck
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I think feeding three times per day would be fine--Odo gets two wet meals per day (one before I go to work and one when I get home) plus a very small dry food snack before I go to bed (to keep him from waking me up 2-3 hours before my alarm goes off).
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Thanks...that sounds good to me too. I am going to try to stick to a schedule more over the next few days and get her used to it. I kinda thought leaving wet in a feeder probably wasn't the best idea too. I saw some advertised with an ice pack type thing in the bottom, but then the food would probably be too cold.
Anyways, I think she's getting old enough to space her feedings out to 3 a day....thanks for all the help.
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