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We made it!

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All 5 of us got to New Jersey a-OK! B is coming down either Friday or Saturday.

I was super mad at the vets office though. The cats were stressing out about the move in general, so B made an appointment with the vet last week give them a little something-something to get them started on the road. I WAS THERE FOR 2.5 HOURS!!!! There was only 1 doctor on staff and I had the appointment for over a week.
Then she tried to give me pills for the entire trip. NO WAY, I'm not going to waste time trying to give them pills that they will spit up. Besides we told the receptionist (both B when he called for the appt. and I when they called me to confirm the appt) that we just want to give them something to help them get started on the road. The vet HAD NO CLUE (so glad I'm leaving there anyway ). She turned around and gave them a muscle relaxer.

She did 2 first. Poor Whitey climbed onto the chair after getting his and within 3-4 minutes fell OFF the chair I was shocked/scared/and also kind of giggling. So she gave them a little too much. So the next 2 got a lighter dose and appeared exactly how I wanted them Still knowing where they were, but didn't care.

Once I left, about 20 minutes into the ride Beauty snapped out of her trance. For the next 11 hours I sat in the car listening to Beauty cry..and cry...and cry...and cry...and cry...
The longest she ever stopped was for 10 minutes. I paniced at that point thinking she had died and the instant my moved, the crying began again and would last and last and last and last...

About the last hour and a half, she became quite agressive. She was howling and rattling the carrier door. No I wasn't at the point I would have killed her, but I began to ignore her otherwise I was going to leave her by the side of the road (yes, I know, I know its cruel...but you try sitting in a little Honda next to a crying and howling cat for 11 hours).

Once we got here and I let her out, she was fine. Everyone got wet food and a little cat nip, then I went to bed. Everyone else spent the night exploring.

Whitey is on sensory overload and him and Patches LOVE the stairs. She's currently sleeping on them and he keeps walking up and down them.

Luna keeps hiding under my sleeping bag and doesn't realize that she's cuddling next to Beauty, who is above the bags.

The house is in good shape and I'm ready to go find food to eat!
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Welcome to NJ

Isn't traveling with cats fun
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Oh dear! Poor kitties! Glad you got to New Jersey with them safe and sound!
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I'm glad you all made it safely Jenney! Poor kitties, they were probably so scared! Poor you for having to endure the agony.
The best to you in your new adventure!
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It sounds like everything went as well as it could. Im sure you all will adjust in no time.
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I'm glad you made it safely!

What is it with kitties & stairs though?
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Yikes, sounds like you had quite the trip! Glad everyone made it there safe and sound though. At least you shouldn't have to deal with that vet anymore!
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Oh wow, I'm so happy for you!!!

Take care of everyone!!!
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Congratulations on the safe trip . Glad everyone is ok. Where is NJ are you? (It's been so long since I sent a PM I don't remember how)
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Aww those poor babies. If they are anything like Tavia is I bet you were ready to ride on the roof of the car. When she just has to go to the vet she squawls the whole time when I walk in they say oh Gail is here. So I feel for you
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Don't they have kitty sleeping pills?
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WELCOME TO NJ! I sent you a PM!
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Awwww glad you all made it okay!
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I'm glad to hear that ya'll made it okay!
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