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New kitten

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We just picked up a new 12 week old kitten from the Humane Society. We are trying to figure out what kind of tabby she is. She looks to me to be a Spotted Tabby?
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Oh my! What a little darling! I love the white on his legs!
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Awww, what a little cutie!
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love his socks!!!
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Good for you!! What a cutie pie! What's her name?
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What a sweetie!
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I just love knee socks on a cat! They always look so well dressed! What is his name?
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Originally Posted by menasmom View Post
Good for you!! What a cutie pie! What's her name?
Her name is Grace.
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Omg she looks like my Cleo!
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Here is another picture of her. We have another cat a Bengal that just loves his new friend.
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Well she is one thing and that is gorgeous...
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O my, congrats on adopting ur new kitten She is certainly a cutie pie So gorgeous
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Ya'll are making me want another cat!
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She is gorgeous!!! Aww what a little darling! Bless you for adopting her and giving her a forever home too!!

My guess is that she is a beautiful little domestic short hair. (tabby is not a breed-rather a coat pattern with different mackeral, ticked, spotted,etc from what i understand (someone correct me if i'm wrong!)) She looks like a mackerel tabby to me- see the vertical stripes on her coat? And the black "M" shape on her head between her eyes? (i'm seeing more stripes than i am spots). That's just my guess though, i'm not an expert on coats Whatever she is though- she sure is a stunning little lady!!! I hope ya'll enjoy many wonderful years together!!!
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Thanks everyone, she is a great cat and fitting right in even after only 1 week.
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Grace is a lovely little girl in her knee-high white boots. And her curled tail is completely adorable!
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Grace is beautiful, glad she is fitting in well.
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Originally Posted by sunfairie View Post
love his socks!!!
LOL "socks"

I love them too
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What a sweetie!!!
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Awww, she's so CUTE! I just love her socks.
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