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Cat gave birth in my living room!

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My girlfriend found a pregnant cat under a truck last night. She brought it home and 30 minutes later it gave birth to 5 kittens. That's right... FIVE!Pretty crazy stuff! The mother feeds them constantly, and they all seem to move around alot, then settle into feeding... One of them, seems to be the smallest, (we named him Stelios) is struggling though. Can't seem to move too much and doesn't eat... I will try feeding him myself when I get home.
Is there anything else I should look out for to ensure the kittens are healthy?
The mother seems to care for them, except for the small one, and I have read that I should not interfere too much...
Is it safe to move them to change the blanket they are on?
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Congratulations! I would wait a day or so before changing the blanket, unless it's really nasty, you don't want to upset the momma. You need to get some KMR to feed the little one, look in the sticky for more information, it has a lot of good info!
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Oh my goodness, congrats! I am sure you will get tons of advice posts from people here. Wish I could help more but I am totally inexperienced with tiny kittens. Best of luck! And congrats on saving these little guys!
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Hi, welcome to TCS!
So glad you've joined us!
You & your girlfriend did a wonderful thing for that Mama and her kittens.
I am not an expert in maternity & kittens but I am sure that soon
you will have lots of help from more knowledgeable members.

If you have TCS questions, I would be happy to help you in any way
as you learn your way around!
Please feel free to contact me.
Simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message.
I will get back to you asap.
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I hope I can save them all! I am tremendously worried about the small one.
The mother takes care of them so I hope it's just the course of nature if little Stelios dies.
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Do you know of a vet that you could call and maybe speak to a vet tech?
Maybe they would have some ideas for you.
If you can ....
stay on TCS for awhile longer...
I am trying to find someone who might have some ideas for you.

It early so if you don't get any ideas yet...
keep checking back.
I wish you well with baby Stelios.
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Start bottle feeding the weakest one NOW! will give you directions on how to do this, how many times a day to do this- every 2 hours round the clock. Very important-

Switch out the bedding now, make sure you keep the bedding warm and dry and the kitties need to be kept warm and this will be safer. If the youngest is ill, the queen will not let him nurse and the other kittens will sense his frailities, start suckling on him and you could lose him. Take him out of the litter, feed him on a regular schedule and put him back after feeding unless the queen totally ignores him then it is up to you to follow through to bottle feed and stimulate him and keep him warm.

Don't let the queen outside, she is going to start making an unholy racket to get outside soon as she will go back into heat. Letting her outside guarantees she will come back pregnant if she comes back at all.
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Is it a bad idea to relocate the mother and her kittens? The kittens are 3 days old and I would like to place them in another room. My 2 other cats have been in isolation so I would like to let them roam the house again, but that means I have to move the kittens and mother to another room...
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you can move them to a quiet room and the mother should stay with them i had to do that last night to the litter that my cat just had last night because she had them in the livingroom
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You are doing a wonderful job with Mama and her kittens...
How is the frail one, little Stelios doing?

Thank you for caring and please keep us updated.
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