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Demetri is a big brother!

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Introducing Demetri's new siblings, Anastasia - Tawny 11 weeks & Farley - Chocolate 5 months.

Just a few pics, they only got here 1.5 hours ago Demetri is curiously watching them from the cat tree.

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Grats on the new siblings! They are beautiful!
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You know I'm sooooo jealous

Congrats and they really look like 2 very nice ocis - The boy looks ready to go into the show ring And I love the girls ears
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They are beautiful and I love their names!
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Congrats!! They are beautiful!!

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Congratulations!! they're gorgeous!
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wow they are just gorgeous!! sorry for the ignorance, what is Demetri's color?
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Demetri is a chocolate silver
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Ohhhh, beautiful babies! Look at those ears and those little front legs, kitty kisses to them all!
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Well, we made it through the night all 3 in my room. No hissing at all

A couple more pics..

With my sisters boy Sylvester

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Look at those claws!!

And oh my this is an absolutely stunning picture of a gorgeous cat!!!!
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If I didn't know you were in Australia, I'd swear you have Ling's brother
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And don't forget Rory, Keno's brother
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Welll yeahhhhhhh that too - but Ling's "brother" looks a lot like her in markings
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Demetri playing with Ana last night, they played all night

Farley will sit on the tree with D but no play yet

Ana and Demetri shared breakfast on day 2

Farley still choosing to eat under the bed, but will come out and play after

Meeting my sisters boy Tadgh
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Seems everyone is adjusting very well to the 2 newcomers - that's a good sign
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Hello Farley and Ana! Demetri, your new siblings are beautiful (but you know you're still my favorite). Hugs from Sadie
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Sadie, what are we gonna do about this - she has more oci's then both of us?????
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Sadie, what are we gonna do about this - she has more oci's then both of us?????
I guess we can do nothing else than just be jealous of her growing Oci hoo, I'd love to have more too (I'm getting pretty keen on the blue silvers now).
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I'm going for a chocolate silver or a cinnamon/cinn-silver for that next one. The cinn is close to the chocolate in color - just more redder

Still will keep the Capt. Jack Sparrow name tho That's a given.
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They are adorable
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