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Daily Thread Thursday 20 September

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Hey everyone.

Damn, I am certain we must have been in our mid 30's again today it is so stinking hot.

Posting early coz going out for my SIL's B/day.

One day left till the weekend folks, well 2 for you I guess.

HAve a great day all.
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A sunny day here Housework tonight, then packing my case to go to Gils for the weekend.

*Note to self* Make sure i put the picture frames on the windowsill in the kitchen while i'm away, because Jack can now jump on it
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Good morning. Its around 66 degrees here so far. It was kind of hot yesterday. Hope everyone has a good day.
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Morning folks!

I was just eating a peice of toast, and as I raised it to my mouth to take a bite..Trout swooped in and put her paw right on it

Needless to say, I lost my now I will be hungry all day

Thanks Trout!

Other than that I get to leave early today and maaaaaaay have a get together tonight...with a human male....
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Good morning! It feels good outside today, so far! I am going to take my dog to get nuetered today, then I'm doing nothing... I am so tired I just want to sleep all day!
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Nat a real date? Sending lucky vibes your way!

Have fun at the vets Leslie.

Just work for me. Should be a semi busy day. We will see how much my phone rings!
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Today's a long day for me. Work all day then night class until 9pm. Knowing that tomorrow is Friday is what gets me through my Thursday's!!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Another great day here in Ontario as well. Sunny and just the right temp for this time of year.

Typical morning so far, have some hot chocolate then heading off to work for a few hours.

Had a great day off yesterday, went for a hike along the river and got to see a couple of otters, they were very interesting to watch which I did for quite a long time.

The kitties are good this morning. Sassy is napping but Linus is playing with some new kitty toys I made for him. When I was at the craft store the other day I picked up a couple of bags of colored feathers, and some heavy colored string and made some impromptu kitty toys for the boys. They seem to really be enjoying them.

Everyone have a good day.
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Morning folks

We are hot here as well, temps are supposed to reach 90 today!

I just got back from the store- and am ashamed to say that I picked up a pumkin for my squirrels PIcked up a few small ones for indoor decoration etc.... they also had pumkin pies out, so you know I had to get one of those as well

We are planning to take the dogs down to the river this weekend
temps are supposed to stay in the 90's so we figured we would go. Especially since this will probably be the last trip this year
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Gooood morning/afternooooon!

My plans for the day involve going back to the movie store since I rented a 2 disc movie and when I went to watch it I found that all that was in there was the bonus feature disc.

Other than that I need to get DH's birthday card and figure out where I can get a pre-made peanut butter pie for his birthday. I'm feeling super lazy in regards to cooking things this week. But I did get dinner going in the crockpot for tonight! Can't wait for that!
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A cool early fall day 66F!!!
Worked in my prairie garden late yesterday-it looks much better as I thinned one plant out and am moving others in!!

Did my usual thursday routine oh how I love crawling on hand and kneespulling out buckthorn seedlings!! Hopefully got a couple new jobs in the works.
Stopped and looked at pull behind carts for the ATV as ours is on its last legs!!

Got a good call (see other thread) about my sis getting a job offer. Will get more details tonite I'm sure.

Thinking of items to make for dinner it might be pork fried rice.......

Other than that nothing else esciting happening.
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