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Da Bird vs similar toys

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Hi - I know alot of you highly recommend Da Bird - sounds like everyone's cats/kittens go crazy! My George loves his feather toy with flexible stick handle. Have you all with Da Bird also tried other feather toys? Do you get the same reaction? We have two feather toys - one has a flexible handle and one does not. You can tell which one George prefers - and it isn't the one with the straight handle!!! Just wondering if there is much difference between toys and if when the time comes to replace his favorite toy I should pick up a Da Bird instead.
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Da Bird was greatly preferred over other toys. Too bad the cats destroyed it playing one day. Too expensive to keep replacing, so we have dollar store wand toys now.
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Mine have at least 10 different toys that are similar in style to da bird. They are all marginally different, making a different sound as they fly through the air or moving in a different way. Mosi gets bored with the same toy very quickly so I need a selection to rotate. Da bird is a favourite though
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urban tiger where did you get a da bird from? I'd like one!

We have a similar toy called tail tikkler which has feathers on the end and a feather boa and the kittens love it so much!
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There's just something about Da Bird! I don't know if it's the realistic swivel, the whirring sound, or what, but my girlies flip for it! Sierra is rarely impressed with toys these days, but gets so excited when she sees Da Bird come out to play! Serenity goes NUTS at first sight! As indicated above, a very important thing to remember about this toy is it must be stored out of reach. Any interactive toy such as this should be handled in this manner for safety's sake, but Da Bird, specifically, must be out of sight or you'll return to find it mutilated. I've always ordered ours online from sites such as Foster and Smith. We give it four paws up, and hope you'll get one for George!
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The one thing that Da Bird has that I haven't seen on other toys is that they attach the feathered "bird" on the line with a clasp that looks like a fishing line swivel (I know there is a name for it but can't think of it right now). It allows the bird to twirl through the air as you swing it around.

I've used all kind of wands and they do seem to prefer this over others. But as others have said, I rotate toys around so that they don't get bored.
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I ordered George a Da Bird today. Can't wait until it arrives - he's such a laid back guy it's a hoot watching him go crazy over his feather on a stick toy. Looking forward to see his reaction to this!
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I just received Da Bird in the mail today. It was a big hit! When playtime was over, I actually had to hide it from Piper (6mo) because she would not stop trying to drag it back out.
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George's Da Bird arrived today (my that was fast!). The toy lasted about 10 minutes...I turned my back and he chewed through the string (I walked to the kitchen and back)!!!!!! So I put a knot in it and I guess we'll only be playing with it with total supervision
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I've heard it's good, but my cats always seem to get bored with bought toys. They seem to prefer tops off of milk jugs or my shoestrings. I suppose I shouldn't complain.

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We've been playing with da mouse tonight and they just love it. The great thing is that Jaffa has been racing around like a kitten (he's 10). He is still lively and loves to play, but he doesn't usually exert himself this much or for as long. He wouldnt let Mosi get a look in to start with!

stripey tiger - I'll pm you about da bird.
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I know you've gotten a da bird already but for anyone else that might read this thread. Yes da bird is different. Nikita loves the sticks with feathers on the end and they were her favourite toys for months but then I got a da bird and she goes completely nuts over it. She leaps higher and runs faster for da bird than she's done for any other toy.

However beware, a da bird head left out unsupervised even for a short time will probably end up like this

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Originally Posted by Siggav View Post
However beware, a da bird head left out unsupervised even for a short time will probably end up like this

Or worse. Mosi chewed through the thread on his da bird a few weeks ago when I left it for a short while on the sofa (we were just taking a breather as Mosi had been panting). He ended having to have an emergency operation at the vets the next day because a long section of the thread was missing. It takes seconds to chew through the string.
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I bought Da Bird after reading this thread. It came in the mail today, and Gracie went completely nuts for it. It's nice to finally see her get some exercise. I hope she won't get bored with it too quickly. She had a lot of fun tonight (I wore out before she did).
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