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I saved another kitty

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I could not help myself..I still have my other two babies growing at my brother soon for us to bring home..

People down the block had kittens and I had to see...

SO I brought one home..
now I will have 3 babies instead of 2...

He was flea ridden so I called the humane society and they said to use dawn dish soap and a flea comb and my fingers and a dilute flea repllent then wash him-as we do not know how old he is. I think he is a baby-baby. Maybe 6 or 8weeks. He did eat the food I gave him but I am looking to make the baby cream kitten formula too.

I have free'd him of his fleas..but I am nervous now I am reading the fleas can also give him tapeworm??

They said to bathe him again in 3-4 days with the dawn to be sure to get them all off.

I am nervous...

I have young children home and do not want them to get tapeworm!
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I cannot get photo bucket to work
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I'd get him in to see the vet ASAP. If he had fleas very bad, he could be anemic. And the vet can give you dewormer, too.
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Thank you Natalie!
Will do...
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Just random thoughts and updates here..

We have an appt for Tuesday to see the vet..he has not poo'd yet but they say do not worry since he has not been properly fed most likely it will be a while for poo.

He is eating very well and drinking and has pee'd 2x.
I am guessing he may be dehydrated as well...poor baby

I am so amazed I have not seen one flea bug on him anywhere today!
Dawn is amazing!
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To check for dehydration, snap the skin at the base of the neck above the shoulders. You pull up on the skin & it should "snap" right back down.

If he is dehydrated, that's a bad thing & he needs to go to the vet ASAP. I wouldn't worry an awful lot about him not pooping.
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Oh my...I did not know.... OK
I will check him now...
He pooped this was hard for him he was straining..I see 2 little white specks in his poo...parasite probably?
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I got her into the vet and just got back...
She is fine-yes Pumpkin is not a boy like I thought..He is a SHE..LOL..
but healthy and she has round worm not tape worm and is critter free..
heart and lungs sound good so we just need to get some meat on her little bones they think she is only 6 weeks..poor baby
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Worms are incredibly common in kittens & puppies. Not to mention adult cats. I'm glad she's otherwise healthy!
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me too thank Natalie for checking in here...
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