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Bladder/UTI infection question

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Our cat recently started having trouble peeing, and has been peeing in places she never has before, and the pee has some blood in it. We of course took her to the vet right away (and managed to take a pee sample too) and they gave her some antibiotics and pain medication. It has now been 48 hours but she doesn't seem to be improving. I thought, for humans anyway, that antibiotics kick in pretty quick and you should see a change almost right away. Is this not the case with cats? Has anyone else had this experience? Is it different if it is a more "severe" case? We have changed the food (no dry food, special food, etc.) but I"m just paranoid and a bit worried and if I should take her back to the vet I will. They did say they would call after 3-4 days, but I dont know if that's becuase they don't expect any change for 3-4 days, or because they expect her to be better by then. The antibiotics was prescribed for 10 full days... anyonw have any idea what's going on?? They stated that there was a high white blood cell count in the pee indicating that it is fighting an infection... but now i am wondering if it could be something else???
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you might notice a more normal amount of pee in the box .... a kitty eating more
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It's good that you took your kitty to the vet as soon as you discovered her problem. I hope she's feeling better soon. I've had cats with UTIs and crystals and know how hard it is seeing them uncomfortable.

Some cats take several days to react to the antibiotics. In some severe cases the cat may need a second course of antibiotics or a different antibiotic. I expect you'll start to see a change in her behavior soon. The wet food will also help by providing more moisture in her diet and encouraging frequent urination.

Healthy vibes and positive thoughts to all.
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Have you seen any change at all? Like Jean44 said it can take a while for the antibiotics to kick in. If there is no improvement at all in another day or two bring her in again.

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Okay, I can so relate to this.

Atticus started having UTI troubles in August. Sunday night I noticed blood in the urine and went to emergency room. They only put him on Metacam and a pain killer.

However, the next day, Monday, I went to my vet and he started him on antibiotics. The vet sent me home with Baytril. Atticus did not act "sick", but I noticed blood in the urine on Tuesday, Wednesday, and by Thursday I took him back in. It was Thursday that his urine became clear.

So in this case it took about four days for me to see improvement at least in terms of no blood-tinged urine.

Hope this helps. I know I was on pins and needles waiting for the antibiotics to kick in. Just keep in touch with your vet and monitor things closely, which I know you are doing.

Keep us posted.
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