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Ok I wrote another message on here about my beagle puppy Zeus about him not eating. Well he is doing fine now and he is all good but yesterday at around 10 PM or so we noticed his left eye's third eyelid thing was like covering almost all of his eye and he looked blind. Well tonight the same thing happened except its worse now but it wasn't like this all day except for after I took him outside and then came back inside and he looked like he was blind but it went away and now its back and he seems bothered by it because he keeps wiping his paw on it and shaking his head around. Can anyone tell me what this might be?? I've heard about cherry eye and beagles but I don't think this is what it is so I'm confused.
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eyes area pretty serious thing, he needs to go to a vet.
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I agree. He should be taken to the vet before it gets any worse.
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Have you talked to the breeder ??
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