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Cats bum seems to hurt?

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This morning Echo has been acting rather strange. She was scooting her bum on the floor and then she'd lick that area like crazy. Then she'd walk a few steps hunched up (kind of like she was going to poop) and give out a little meow like she's in pain. Then she'd do it all over again. I immediately called the Vet, but I can't get her in there until 4:30 (central time). She has been rubbing up against me A LOT today and when I reach down to pet her, she gets aggravated instantly. I tried looking at her bum, but she got mad, so I just left her alone. Now she's hiding out behind the couch licking herself constantly. Do you think it's her anal glands? I just switched foods (my Vets advice from last week)...could she been constipated? I haven't noticed her in her litter box today. Any ideas with what might be wrong? I've never had this problem before...so I don't know exactly what to do. I'm sure my Vet will help me out...but I thought I'd get some ideas from you guys too.
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I am thinking anal glands or constipation, BUT I don't know. I've never had a problem with either regaurding cats.
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Worms are also a possibility.

Good luck at the Vet and let sus know how she is.

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Could she have a piece of bowel stuck in her fur?
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Did you switch foods gradually or all at once? She could have impacted glands, she could have a piece of fur stuck inside, she could of ate something that blocked her, she could have worms. If you have mineral oil, give her a little bit of that to help her.

You can express her glands if she is impacted it will bring her a little bit of relief. You can email me if you want to try it- it is a procedure you must do gently though and the results are never pretty.
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