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Vibes Needed :(

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My dad called me tonight to tell me that my grandpa (mom's dad) had a massive brain hemorrhage last night and it's not looking good for him Rob & I visited my grandparents in June, it was our vacation / trip back "home" for me to New Jersey. It sucks because I live 13 hours away so I can't just hop in the car to visit him now. I spent the first two years of my life growing up at their house, and he's always been SO good to me. He was extremely excited to see us in June, he loves Rob as if he were blood family (He is full Italian, so family is super-important).

Its just ripping me up. I found out before my mom, she had to work late and my dad didn't intend on telling her, he wanted her brother to break the news. He thinks that her & my brother will pack up and drive the 10 hours tonight. I wish I could just as easily do that, even with the extra 3 hours tacked on. I'm not really sure what is going to happen, even with all the medical-based TV shows I watch.

I could just really use some vibes for him right now Vibes and a miracle. All this on top of Tigger's death last week ... I dont know where its all coming from!
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Oh dear..... I'm sending many prayers and vibes to your Grandpa, and many calming vibes to you
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I am so sorry, I will pray for you and your grandpa tonight and sending many vibes your way.
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When my grandmother was dying in 1992, I flew 22 hours out of 38 in order to see her before she passed... and I'm so glad I did. It was a chance to make sure she knew what she meant to me, and doing that gave me peace about her passing.

If your grandfather is conscious and would know you were there... I'd go. But if he isn't coherent, then just "think" your love and support to him. I believe he'll receive it.

Hoping he will be well...
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Sending many vibes to your grandfather, your family and you. I know how hard it is to be away from family when something like this happens. Just wait and see what the doctor says. My prayers are with you all.
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Sending many vibes out to your grandfather and your family.
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I'm so sorry. Sending your grandpa and your family lots of good I hope he's able to pull through and make a full recovery. Lots of
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Sending many vibes...hang in there!
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Many vibes and best wishes for your Grandpa and family.
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I'm sorry. You're heart will tell you what to do....
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I know what you are going through. When my brother was 27 he had a cerebral aneurysm. He was very lucky, he survived without any permanent damage.

Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions, I will share what we experienced.

I am sending lots of loving, healing vibes to your Grandpa and your entire family.
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Oh sweetie!!

I am sorry!!!

Many many for your grandpa!

I will be thinking of your grandpa, as well as you and your family!!
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
I´m so sorry about it my friend.......My prayers are with you and your family!
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I am so sorry about your Grandpa. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!!
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Well I talked with my mom tonight. She seemed to be taking it very well, actually. I expected her to cry at the mere mention of him, because she was pretty close to her dad. She told me that she "talked" to him earlier today, but that he is currently in pretty much a vegetative state.

He had a stroke, which is what brought on the hemorrhaging. She said that they highly doubt there will be any chance of recovery, and it is just a wait until his time comes now. Her & I both agreed we'd rather not go up there and see him in this state, but rather remember our last times being with him as the times when he was lively and himself. Her last time was in 2006, when she ended up not speaking to her mother anymore, until just 2-3 weeks ago. My last was seeing him in June, when he was eating everything under the sun, as I always remember him. We've also agreed that we will go up to NJ for the "memorial" they plan on having when he dies, with the family. There won't be a funeral or wake. Rob told me he will definitely come with me & be there for me - I swear he is my glue. He's been so incredibly great to me through everything that's been going on. He even offered to drive me, my mom, and my brother there (drive the majority of the 13 hours. My mom & brother only have a 10 hr drive, but we have to pass where they live on our way and said we would pick them up if that is what they wanted when the time comes).

I think I will call the hospital, just so I can say some things to him - even if he isnt coherent. I can still feel better that I got to say a few more things. My grandma is giving him until Saturday, but they said it could be any amount of time, long or short. They will have the results from the CAT scan tomorrow, and we will know more about what is going on then.

I hate saying how we are *DOING* this and that, making is so official, knowing that he doesn't have much time left and that he is completely incoherent right now. He is not on life support, only an IV with fluids, and they dont intend to put him on any support because of the state he is in. They are supposed to be putting him into hospice tomorrow.

*Sigh* When it rains, it pours. And it sure is raining this month.
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Oh, darlin... I'm so sorry. I think it's a wonderful idea, though, to speak to him by phone and trust that he will somehow know. I'll be thinking of you and your family.
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I am so sorry. I was really close to my grandpa(dad's dad) and when he passed they lived in AZ. After 8 years, I still have not gotten to say "good-bye". No closure, as I call it. If it would make you feel better to talk to him, I would do it. Make sure you tell him how much you love him. I wish I could have told my grandpa all those things, even though I knew that he knew I loved him.

I am so sorry again. If you need to talk, please PM me
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My house is sending many vibes and prayers your way. I'm so sorry to hear of this. Its hard to know that a family member is hurting, and yet not be able to drop everything and be there .

I just read your second post and wanted to edit to add that sometimes the "official" things are necessary to keep your sanity. You have to be doing something. I have had friends who feel guilty when they are "doing" things, but you HAVE to and atleast you are being proactive. Hopefully there will be a miracle and it will all be unneccessary.
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