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Has It Really Been Two Years?

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I was holding you in my arms,
I was hoping you would see
I was praying you would be okay
And that you'd come home to me.

I adored you so, my beautiful boy
You knew it all so well
But there comes a time when even love
Must say a final farewell.

Will you stand there at the Bridge
And wait for me?

For I too will grow so old
And yearn for eternity
And there would be no heaven without you.

So we will wait together, you and I
Until the day I die.

I'll wait until the day I die.


It's been two years tonight that my beautiful Tucson died. He was so special. We picked him up at the shelter, and he was eight years old all ready and it seemed to just click that we needed each other. I have no idea how he could have ended up there. He was a gentleman. He had the greatest sense of humour, the biggest heart, the most noble bearing, the goofiest smile. He was simply an amazing cat.

I cannot describe how much I loved him. He was beautiful in every sense of the word. He was part of my life for eight long years, and they were filled with happiness. He was my best friend; my heart and soul. .
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Time really does fly, doesn't it? I know he's up there watching over you, everyday
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What a moving tribute for Tucson

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That has to have been the most beautiful description and memorial I have
ever read! I just bawl my eyes out everytime I come here, but I can't
help it! So sorry, your just a doll for getting him out of the Shelter! I think that may the reason behind why it makes so sad, I think about all the animals
at all the shelters, who don't deserve to be there, nor face what most of
them face, in their last days, especially knowing they once had a home, with someone who loved them very much! I would roll over in my grave, knowing
my cats were taken to a shelter, if something happened to me!
You are a wonderful person, who adopted a wonderful cat, Tucson, God, brought you two together, so you can count on being reunited again! Knowing
that just seems to make me feel a calm, a total sense of calm! I could only hope now you have gone back to the shelter and found another special
baby that needs you now!!!! Animals bring us such joy, that is why I will
never understand how people treat them! They are a precious gift from God!!!
Thinking of you today!
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What a beautiful tribute to your dear Tuscon. He is still with you though, in spirit and always will be until the day you are together across the bridge.

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That is a very nice poem. I can totally relate to the feelings.
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What a beautiful tribute for your special Tucson

May he Rest In Peace.
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I'm so sorry. Tucson sounded like a very special boy, who was loved very much. May he remain close in your heart forever.
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