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Just had to post this

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I walked in and Kahu was sleeping - yup like that, unfortunately I woke him up when I took the photo.
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I see kitten tummy!!!
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lol, that's one comfy kitty, such a great pic. Would be great for caption this, or that, or something can't remember :P
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That tummy needs scritches!!!!
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adorable and pink paws
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Kahu has learned how to do the los ketchup song hehehe!!! Just tooooooo cute!
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CUTIE!!!! Kahu is obviously VERY comfortable in his new home!!!!!

:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Oh yeah Laurie, he is so comfortable here, that he has taken over the household!

What is this ketchup song thingy? Bundy?
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As Laurie said, this is one comfy kitty!Glad he adjusted soooo well Kiwideus!

It's like 'This is MY sofa, and I can stretch out if I want to!

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Great picture! They're such contortionists. I love when they sleep all stretched out like that.
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Oh how CUTE!!!!!!!
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he resembles a shag carpet! What a cutie!
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Oooooh. I want to kiss that kitty tummy. My Balie lies like that too (I posted a pic of him a while back doing that - sorry, I haven't learnt yet to put links into posts). INFACT . . . he's doing the tummy-up rolling around behind me on the floor just now!!!!!

Ya gotta love 'em!
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How adorable. He looks so soft and fluffy. Rub his tummy for me, please.
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