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Special kitty cuddles

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You know, i annoy Charlie all the time when i cuddle him. I could pick him up when he least expects it, or in the middle of a cleaning session roll him over and play with his belly (it's irresistable!!) but yesterday morning i got the best cuddle ever, and he didn't try to escape. I knelt down in front of the couch where he was curled up, put one arm under his arm and along his back, put my head on him and he just started purring away, gave me some headbutts, stretched out a little and got comfy. I LOVE those cuddles!

Oh yes i also got a back massage and a few claws in my butt too was laying down reading on the bed and he decided to settle on my back, face down, stretch his arms out and proceed to put teeny prickly holes in my bottom!! Gee i sometimes wonder if he loves me for my body heat & food...or for me
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Awww...he loves you for you (AND for the food and body heat ) That is so sweet. The unexpected cuddles are the best!
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Kitty back massages are the best.
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Aw, how sweet! Charlie definitely loves you for being his person.
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Awww, that's so sweet. He loves you!
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Do your kitties do this too? (feels much better AFTER, not BEFORE the pedicure lol)
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post
Do your kitties do this too? (feels much better AFTER, not BEFORE the pedicure lol)
Mojo is my special little cuddler. Like last night, I was surfing with the laptop in bed, and she was just snoozing away on the other side of the bed. She was too cute to disturb. Next thing I know, I feel warm and fuzzy and purry against my arm where she had curled up and gone back to sleep.

Ophelia is my masseuse. She prances when she's getting pets and happy, so lots of times when I lay down and Daddy pets her, I get a nice back massage, followed by the Kitty Heater on my back. It's just heaven!
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Awww! I love those kinds of cuddles too.

On the rare occasion I get those from Abby and it's always extra special because she is not usually one to like being held and cuddled.
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That is so sweet, it is always heart-warming to know that your kitties love you.
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It's the best feeling in the world to know they love you and trust you and want to curl up besides you.

Yesterday morning I got the best cuddles from Pushkin. He came and lay down next to me, face to face, and kneaded my neck. He had his arms around me and was purring away, and fell asleep like that. It was so lovely that I couldn't move for fear of disturbing him.
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