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Sigh... What a day(popsie update)

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First off I didn't sleep at all last night and then called the vet a soon as they opened because Popsie still had that huge terd stuck in his butt. They worked him in at nine and when she examined him she said to leave him there for the day. She said he had some stool up in his intestines but mostly his bladder felt full. Well I went and got him at five and the vet told me they unblocked him and he pooped but still hadn't peed. She doesn't think he has a blockage but also said he isn't even trying to pee. They also gave him fluids. I'm going to watch him tonight and if he doesn't pee I have to take him back. I did manage to sleep while he was at the vet. As soon as he got home he went straight to his box and took a big crap and then threw up. The vet also gave me some stuff to give him every day to keep his poop soft. I feel so bad for the poor guy.
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Aww poor baby and poor you for not getting enough rest! At least he had a bowel movement....hopefully he'll be better soon!
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Oh no! Poor Popsie! I hope he gets better! He must feel miserable right now. Have you planned on anything special when he gets better? Like a new toy?
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Hows Popsie doing today? I hope he`s feeling better and had a wee by now and I hope you`ve had a good sleep.

Vibes for poor popsie
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So Sorry you had to deal with all that. Hope he has peed as well.
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Popsie is doing well. He's eating, drinking and peeing. I'm concerned about his back legs though. When he walks it's like he's having trouble with them. The best way I can describe it is like his back legs are weak or something. Once last night when he went to have a drink his rear end kinda swayed like he's having trouble keeping it up. I hope everyone kinda gets the picture. Anyway, I'm a little worried something's damaged.
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I hope Popsie is ok!!
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I would be calling the vet back, cause why all of a sudden are his legs
doing that? Girl, take care and I will keep Popsie in my prayers! Get better soon, Popsie!!
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Popsie is fully back to his normal self. He was keeping me awake this morning and everything. He is walking ok now. I think maybe his back legs were sore from trying so hard to poop. I'm still going to watch him though because he hasn't pooped since we got back from the vet Wed. Also, he's been drinking a ton of water and he hasn't peed that much. I'm thinking maybe his system just isn't back to normal yet. I can tell he feels much better.
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