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Getting to Know Each Other!!!!

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Hi! There are many new members, and in the past we've started many "getting to know you" type threads. I'd thought I'd paste links in here, so our new members can participate too!

If Your Cat Was A Star, Who Would It Be? - Lots of fun!!!

What Strange Things does Your Cat Eat?

The Biographies Thread There are NO boring people, so POST!

...what we all look like! Pictures! Pictures! (Post here and send an e-mail to Anne anne@thecatsite to let her know to include you in the Members' Gallery when it gets updated!

10 Things We Don't Know About You

What was your first paying job and how old were you?

What Do You Do For A Living?

How Many Cats Do You Have?

Men and their Cats! Another thread with lots of great Pics!

What Are You Obsessed with?;

The Wedding Thread Pictures! ...significant others included :tounge2:

What Kind of Music do you Listen to?

Post Pics of Your Hobbies!

What's Your Claim to Fame? ...related to anyone famous? In the family tree, perhaps?

What Is Your New Name? Well - this isn't exactly helping us to get to know each other, but it's lots of fun!

Anything Nice Happen to You Lately? It's so nice to know nice things are happening out there!

How Long Have You Been Married?

What's the Most Dangerous Thing You Ever Did? ...and not necessarily on purpose!

...did I miss some?
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Good job Laurie!! You are always on top of things!!
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Our Research ANALyst at work! LOL Looks like you hit on all the important threads Laurie.
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I love you too, Mary Anne!
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(I've always wanted to bump *something*, and this seemed lik a good one )

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LOL! I agree, Naomi!

(I found another one and edited the post!)

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Oh that was so great of you to do Laurie! I always want to continue catching up on those threads (they are so long and take a lot of time!) but since they usually aren't on the first page I never bother to go search for them.

Good job and thank you!
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Laurie!!! You are a doll!!!!! Thanks for posting all of those threads for the new members!!!!
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More new members around ---- thought I'd give this a bump!
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There were one or two threads I wanted to add to this - but I lost them! I'll go find them, and just edit to add them in the top post.

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