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Life is beautiful.

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I am feeling terrible right now after losing all three of them; see my thread in kitten care. I understand that I have already did almost everything in my power to help them, but I can’t stop myself thinking about the last kitten which he pass away on my own hand. He is the biggest and strongest of the three and the sec before he pass away he actually try to stand up even he is only 2days old and have no business to get up by himself. I think he desire a chance to see the world, what a great little kid and he will be remembered.

In that one sec alone he already fulfill his life, RIP my friends.

Life is beautiful, and we should treat every sec like it is the last.

And I promise I will try harder next time if it happens.



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...Life is hard sometimes... It would be marvellous to have the power of give the life, but we are only humans...

Rip to those little ones!.....and you my friend, God bless you for being a good friend to they!..
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You did the best you could and that's all you could do. You gave them a warm place to sleep and be with their mother. Sometimes things don't work out the way we would like, life is unpredictable. to you.
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How sad! You did all that you could do so be proud of yourself!!
RIP lil ones
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You gave them comfort in their tiny little short lives... bless you for that.
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Play happily at the Rainbow Bridge babies.

I'll move this thread to Crossing the Bridge for you.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Rest In Peace sweet babies.
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You know, even the most experienced, best foster parents loose babies. I've known vets to loose bottle babies. Sometimes, it is out of your hands. You gave them more in their short lives than many cats get in their long lives.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge babies! :angel
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Reading your thread today made me cry, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. You did everything you could for them! Please don't blame yourself. You are such a kind person and such a beautiful example to your children. Be proud of what you did because so many people wouldn't have bothered.

I am sending you prayers and e-hugs!
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Those precious angels will now be mothered by all the TCS kitties at the bridge

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Precious little ones. I'm so sorry you lost your babies, Stan. Bless you for doing all that you could. Sometimes all we can do just isn't enough. They were in your life for reason, and in their oh so brief life, they experienced sincere love and care.
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Im sorry you lost all of them. I read your other thread and believe me you did all you could for them. Please take care of the mama kitty though make sure she gets spayed so she doesnt have to go threw this again. Ive lost 2 of my foster babies and it is sooo hard but sometimes theres nothing you can do except try your hardest and sometimes you still loose them. It breaks your heart but its worth it for the ones you are able to save.
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Sweet little babies. I'm sorry you have suffered this.
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Those precious little kittens are now healthy and free, playing in the warm sun, with our Bridge kitties.
Thank you for giving them your love while they were here on Earth.
RIP little ones.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of these precious little ones. I hope you can find comfort in knowing that, because of you, they knew love during their short time here. You did a wonderful thing for them.
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A bit better now, all three of them are in my garden now, exactly where they born. RIP kittens.
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