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Recent crazies!

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Ok, has anyone else's cat had the crazies lately?! I mean Oliver has his moments all the time when he gets bursts of energy and tears around the house, but the last 2 or 3 days it's been much more than usual! It's kinda funny - he looks like a big furry orange cartoon blur tearing around the house... my mom said he was crazy this morning too... I haven't checked the moon phases or maybe its just that the weather's getting cooler.... any other ideas? I mean, usually Oliver takes 2 or 3 naps in the afternoon, the last 2 days, I don't think he's taken any naps! (haha, right now he's my child - I dont have human kids - so this is just mama worrying what's up)
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My o/w tabby is doing the same thing. He's 7 years old and still acts very kittenish at times.
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Nikita has the crazies every day. It's part of why I love her.
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Must be something in the air, Seamus has had the crazies too Yesterday we had our evening cuddle on the couch and he decided my arm in my oversized sweatshirt was a toy and proceeded to attack, chewing on the sweatshirt... he's also been chasing his tail, which he has never done before... running wild right before I go to bed... I think he's just mad I'm not home all the time... Summer vacation without teaching summer school spoiled him
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Ok, so then it's not just my crazy monster, haha... he'll be 6 in January but definitely still has tons of energy... but like I said the past 2 days he just seems to not shut off! He's finally curled up to take a nap the last couple of hours (he's on a couch that he's not supposed to be on, but I don't want to disturb his slumber... I'll let "grandmom" - my mom - be the meanie when she gets home haha).... I guess I can attribute it to the change of weather/season that's upon us... he was gettin on my last nerve earlier though when it took me 15 minutes to get down the 14 steps that lead from upstairs to downstairs... any time I tried to step he'd attack my leg... I had to go into mama cat mode with a few hisses and then I scooped him by the scruff and under the bum just so I could get downstairs.... jeesh!
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So it must have just been something in the air the last few days cuz we were back to our usual afternoon naps today! No more mama worries, haha
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If only we could all be so lucky... I'm glad to hear he got his crazies out... maybe mine will follow soon, though I doubt it, this week I have two 12 hour days between coaching and tutoring and those throw him way off...
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