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Molly and Polly pics.

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I've been meaning to post these for a while, so here they are.
Sorry not all of them are terribly clear- Photobucket somehow diminishes the quality of my pictures, and so does the translation from Photobucket to forum.


Molly paws

Sleepy girl

Polly with her signature puzzled look

Hangin' out.

I posted this picture the Siamese thread, but it's here, too.

Sorry, there were quite a few. That's all!
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O my, look at those cuties, sooo GORGEOUS
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I don't know what you'd consider high quality -- I think those are spectacular shots! Especially the closeup of Polly showing off her big sapphire eyes. What a lovely pair of meezers -- I adore traditional Siamese and am so glad to see them here!
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Your baby girls are absolutely GORGEOUS

ETA: try and see if you like the pic outcome better.
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Oh! They are both SO beautiful! They look so soft and lovable!
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Awww. You know, Siamese aren't really my favourite kinds of cats, but these little ones... well they could change my mind.
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Wow, they are STUNNING! I love the black & white's- great shots!
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your girls are just gorgeous love Polly's expression
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beautiful and Polly looks so much like my Chynna Girl even to that puzzled expression.
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Thank you everyone!
And Pami, thanks for the suggestion, I'll try it.
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I love how Molly has those tiny patches of dark fur only on her ankles so sweet. And the fuzziness really gives the photos a calm, soothing feel.
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OMG, those are beautiful cats! Be still my heart!!!
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Ahhh what cuties they are.
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Thanks again gals.
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