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Max the Lap Kitty <3

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Sitting at my desk using my laptop... Max ALWAYS makes use of my lap... this time I decided to grab the camera and snap a few photos.

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O my, what a GORGEOUS kittie, that reminds me of here, I always have one kittie on my lap usually Bella or Blue But anywho, those photos are great Max is such a handsome boy
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Look at those eyes!!
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MAX IS ADORABLE!!! How beautifully marked he is, with his little white 'stache and his golden and ebony tiger stripes -- and you got him in some great moments there, especially the first one where he's "mousing" and the one where he's in the "beefcake position"! Thanks for sharing...and btw, RESCUED is my favorite breed, too -- let's hear it for Rescued Cats!
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Oh, wow! He is GORGEOUS! I just love those beautiful green eyes of his.
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Max is so CUTE!!!!! he could sit in my lap anyday
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Awwwwwwww bless his little cotton socks, he looks so comfy there
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What a beautiful boy! And look at that closeup, outstanding!
Ditto for rescued cats, that is the breed of all 3 of mine!
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oh my, look at those stunning eyes!
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What a handsome boy he is!
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Wow. What a handsome boy! Love his markings and those gorgeous eyes.
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love the close up of beautiful....coat looks so shiny!
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