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Do you know Thierry Henry?

Well, it seems like most people in US don't.... Henry was invited to visit his friend Tony Parker from the Spurs (the NBA team which you probably know very well).. so he came there and while waiting for him after the game was over besides the court, nobody, simply nobody recognized him!
And take that, the security guard came to him and told him to leave the court as this is an area for players and special guests only, he was a bit embarrassed but luckily Tony Parker's brother was there and told everyone "relax fellows, he's with me"

So the story has a good ending, but I myself was surprised to watch it on TV... anyways if you don't know Henry is really a great player at the European soccer and very famous there... but it seems like soccer in US isn't interesting for many people (although I do and even my gf watches the World cup and other events, today's noon there's even some championship league's games)