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How well do you get along with your parents? - Page 2

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I get along with both of them really great and enjoying spending time with them. My mom and I spend a lot more time together keeping in touch - pretty much daily.
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I lost my father at a very young age, 7 to be exact. My mother and I clashed throughout my teenage years. Now that I am twenty, she till tries to control me and manipulate me to do things I don't care to do, for example come to Thanksgiving this year.

Whatever I do I feel it will never be enough for her. I wish I had one of those mothers that were "my best friend" oh well in MY dreams.
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I have kind of a weird relationship with my mom. Sometimes we can be best friends and others we don't get along at all. Too much alike in some ways I guess.

Me and my dad don't really talk that much any more. I used to be a daddys girl but now he doesn't really understand some things about me (socail anxiety disorder and panic attacks) and I think it has put a wedge in our relationship.
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Both of my parents are entirely self-absorbed and they have always been emotionally and physically abusive to their children. I don't really know my father; in my life I've had about four conversations with him, and my mother is extremely negative, critical, violent, and irrational. Any contact with them is hurtful and exhausting. My parents are now in their eighties and my siblings and I are still struggling with the consequences of their abuse and neglect.

On the downside, I've never known a parent's love. On the upside, I'm not going to miss them when they die.
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My mom is a little bit of a drinker..but other than that she is all about the guilt trips..etc...bitterness...its not good.

Although its okay to talk to her as long as she hasn't been drinking.

My dad is pretty much estranged.. I maybe see him once a year and we talk about the weather. Eh.
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My parents and I have always been really close. My mom and I especially. She and I have a great bond. At least once a year though we have a screaming fit with each other though, but it always only last for about 5 minutes and then the apologies happen. Those fights generally happen because our personalities are a bit too similar!

My dad and I are actually closer now than we've ever been. He's been opening up a lot more over the last few years since his mother died so even though we've always been close, it's been nice to get to an even deeper level with him.

I feel that since I got engaged about 6 months ago my relationship with both parents has been deepening. It's a nice feeling.
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