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How often?

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How often do you deworm your cats and dogs?
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the old standard was twice a yr... those with many animals sometimes do it more... my vet reminded me it is a POSION and why she wont routinely deworm them,... Zoey was dewormed when she came into my life about 3 yr ago ....
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Since they are totally indoors and no problem with fleas (even the dog has no fleas), Charlie's never been wormed as he's never had them and Ling was wormed once as a kitten as she was outside - mom was a barn cat.

They are 1 and 2 yrs old now - I don't worm unless I see a problem.
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Thank you. My vet dewormed my little orphan Lucky, I bought the dewormer and did all my household furry friends, and the stray. I just wasn't sure if I had to do it again, I will leave them alone
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I think most people only deworm if there's actually a problem... I mean that's what I do anyhow... Ollie got dewormed when he came off the streets and once last year when he somehow came across some tapeworm - he's indoor only though and hasn't had a problem since
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Are you supposed to deworm regularly??? I've never heard of that! (uh-oh!)

I do have Smidge's poo tested for parasites as part of her annual exam, even though she has never had symptoms.

Where did Oliver get a tapeworm?? (scary!)
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Tapeworms are gotten from fleas.

And no you don't just worm dogs/cats on a regular basis - only if needed. Remember worming medicine is poison.
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Yeah, he apparently injested a flea somehow... all I could figure (since he's on frontline and heartgard) is that my friend's dog (unprotected) brought them into the house when she brought her over to show me... not long after the visit she and I came to bad terms (for whatever reason I'm still not sure! She just wont talk to me!) and I never got to gently tell her that her pets might have fleas
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Only when needed here. Since both of my cats are rescues, they were dewormed when they came off death row. During their annual exams, they are tested for parasites and such. They are given Revolution every 6-8 weeks and are indoor only. We also treat our home regularly to discourage fleas (beneficial nematodes outside and Borax sprinkled on the carpets then vacummed up inside).

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