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I am a new member and I just wanted to say HI!!! I am a new mom to two boy kitties that are 15 weeks old. They are from the same litter. We brought Murphy home first, and then 4 days later decided that he really needed a buddy! So...we brought Riley home and Murphy made sure that we was to be the Alpha Cat! They seem to get along fine now, the usual kitten fighting, but other than that they love each other! Of course I have so many questions and concerns and I am so glad to have found a place where I can meet others that are experiencing what I go through!
Just wanted to introduce myself and wish you a happy Wednesday!!!
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I am glad you have joined us here. You will find some very cat smart people here, and some of the friendliest people too. I hope you stick around, I would love to hear more about your little boys!
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Welcome to the forums!

Your babies sound adorable! You may want to browse through the health and behavior forums and maybe post some questions there yourself.

I hope you enjoy it here as much as we do!
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Love4two; So happy to have you and the "boys" on board. Post often and send pictures. . .
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Hi and Welcome.
You are going to love it here
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I love the names Murphy & Riley!

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Thanks so much for all of the sweet "Welcomes"!!!
I am looking very forward to talking with you all! I will send pictures of the babies! Even though their real names are Murphy and Riley, my husband and I call them "this one" and "that one"!
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Well I like the names this one and that one aswell.
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Greeting to you too!!!!!!

There are so many loving, caring cat/people lovers here....I am sure you will fit right in!!!!!!!!

Glad you joined us!!!
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