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Behavior/Health *long post*

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This probably should be 2 seperate threads, under behavior and health....but, I will just put it all here because of time issues.

First of all, I will describe the cat. He is probably 7'ish years old, black and white, and overweight. He is the oldest of 2 cats my fiance owns...the younger cat being only a year or so younger, and in pretty good shape.

Here is a brief summary of his health problems and what we have done to help him so far.

He is overweight and his poop is 95% runny, and very potent smelling. He uses the litter box more times than not, but sometimes he goes on the floor in the litter room. The box stays pretty clean usually, and he seems to go on the floor randomly. It could be right after it was cleaned, or when it is dirty....or anywhere in between. Because it is runny poop, it sticks to his rear end sometimes and it gets raw and tender. Also, being overweight...he seems like he may be starting to have arthritis or something similar...and he also drinks water all the time.

Before I moved in with my fiance, she had a little 2 bowl combo thing that she fed both cats from, and she pretty much just dumped loads of food in there and let them eat as they wanted. I started noticing all his issues, and decided I would help out in correcting all the things that are done wrong.

First, I started feeding them 3 times daily...but the fat one would eat all his food, then start eating the smaller cats food. I then put another seperate dish on a counter...high enough that the fat cat could not jump up there to eat the smaller's food. I also did research and picked out the best food for weight issues that I could find going by the ammount of protien, fiber, etc etc. I also got them some catnip, and several little toys to try to get him off his butt and moving around.

For his raw butt issue, as weird as this may sound...my fiance shaves his bum from time to time. One of her vets in the past did this, and it does help for a while...but the problem is there, and by the time its noticable (stinky kitty, skidmarks on the carpet...etc etc), its already raw and he fights you when you try to clean it.

Now, he has lost a good bit of weight, and his butt is not raw as often...but its not good enough because his problems are still there....even if they may not be "quite" as bad. I am afraid he has diabetes and joint problems from being fat for so long.

Now, behavior issues....

When the lights go out, he starts howling, scratching, messing with any plastic, paper, noisy things he can find that we may have left within his reach. He comes to our bed at 3am, and howls and meows and begs.

I did research on this as well. I try playing with him, especially before bed. I wait to feed him right before bed, so maybe he wont get hungry as fast. Ive tried the water bottle thing, and he will howl...get spayed...run off...and come back to do it all over in 5 minutes. Eventually, he will give us peace for a week..maybe, but it always starts again after he learns we wont spray him anymore.

For health problems, my fiance loves this cat to death. For the sake of both, I would like to improve his health...not to mention how nice it would be to not come home to the smell of fresh cat poop and skidmarks all over everything.

For behavior.....I, neither of us for that matter, can take going to work dragging, with headaches and in a bad mood. This has got to stop, I am nearing the end of my rope.

I have always been an animal lover...even though I've always had dogs, the cats are fun and I like them. But, like I said, I've done research and tried ideas of my own. Some progress has been made, but it has stopped...and I need some help before I have to be put on medication. lol

I'm at work, and tried to do this as quickly as I could, so if anything doesnt make sense or needs more clarification, point it out and I will do my best.

Thank you in advance.
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Ok...not sure if I can help with everything but can give you a couple things you might want to check. I would get him checked by a vet for diabetes. That could cause him to drink a lot and go to the litter box a lot plus with him being over weight, that can cause diabetes in cats. Our cat, Tosh is diabetic and those three things all added up to it. We give him an insulin shot twice a day and he has lost weight and stopped flooding the litter box. As for the loose stools, it could be a food allergy or maybe have checked for worms??? I really don't know about that problem.
The behavioral issues, I am sure some one can come along to help you with these. Though I will say that Tosh use to be a pain in the behind and ever since we have gotten him on the insulin he is SO much better with problems he use to have. So even if your fiances cat does not turn up to be diabetic, if you figure out what the problem is with him health wise that just might clear up the behavioral issues too. Good luck! Keep us posted.
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Thanks for the response. We are pretty sure he has diabetes. As you said, he has the symptoms of it. I told my fiance what your reply was and we both agreed we should call a vet and ask how much it would cost to take him in and have tests done. This sucks because it is a bad time for us to get big vet bills.
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Originally Posted by nameduser View Post
Thanks for the response. We are pretty sure he has diabetes. As you said, he has the symptoms of it. I told my fiance what your reply was and we both agreed we should call a vet and ask how much it would cost to take him in and have tests done. This sucks because it is a bad time for us to get big vet bills.
So sorry. Maybe you can see if the vet will take a payment plan. Hope you can get it taken care of.
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No worries, we will get a price range and budget for it. She loves the cat, and even though he drives us up the wall sometimes...I have heard cats will sometimes do things like that to let you know that they don't feel good. He might just be warning us so it is hard to be too ticked off. I do think some of it is him begging for food though. He will howl at us, and as soon as one of us stands up he runs straight to the food bowl and looks at us.

I will continue to check back to see if anyone else has advice for us on her cat. I just have not had any cats until I moved in with her earlier this year, so cat care is all new to me.

Thanks for the help
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