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Originally Posted by Roxie225 View Post
What is Chinese pizza?!?
Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
yeah, I would like to know too!
Scallion Pizza
I found some recipes online. Not sure if they taste the same.

One place the sauce is heavy in garlic taste, the other place it was heavy in ginger. Both are good. They are very thin slices.
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I've never heard of or seen that! but it sounds tasty
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Pork fried rice! I bought a quart of it one night
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MmMMmMMM, now I am craving!

I like chop suey, or chow mein and chicken balls
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I love chinese food, we usually have it once or twice a week. My favorites are always shrimp fried rice, vegetable egg rolls, General Tso's Shrimp and Sesame Shrimp. Yum!

Oh yeah, Mei Fun is another favorite now of mine!
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steamed pork buns!
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Originally Posted by Mrs.Harris View Post
I love it, my favorite is teriyaki chicken w/ lots of broccoli! YUM!!
Teriyaki is actually Japanese
But I guess in the end it's all 'asian'
at normal chinese buffets, I get the low mein noodles and general tso chicken and white rice
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Egg rolls and Kung Pao Chicken
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Love chinese food. My fave is chicken fried rice. I gotta have crab ragoons also. MMM delicious.
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I LOVE Chinese food. I always have to have crab rangoons, egg drop soup, boneless spare ribs, pork fried rice .. and sometimes the sweet n sour chicken .. Just thinking about it makes me want some soooo bad
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When I go out to eat Chinese, I usually fill up on crab rangoon and sizzling rice soup (also called singing rice soup.) If I'm especially hungry, I like to get either moo shu pork or moo shu chicken. I also love jasmine tea.
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DH and I used to get an order og beef and broccoli, and order of egg rolls and an order of crab rangoons. We switched cuz it's too hard for him to eat the beef now and get the sweet n sour chicken and the egg rolls. oh yeah, we drink the jasmine tea too!
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