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Ok, do any of your cats get territorial? I ask cause Snickers last night showed her "MINE ONLY" side. She is a sweetie but last night she was a stinker! We have a Kitty cube in our Master bedroom. It is as high off the ground as the the window so a perfect place to lay and look out. Snickers is the only one that has ever curled up and slept on it. We have had this for over two years. No other cat has shown interest in it...until last night. Snickers is all curled up on our bed...I mean HER bed and is perfectly relaxed. Well Tosh decides for some reason to jump up on top of the cube (he has never done this before). Everything seems to slow down to slow motion...Snickers turns her head and sees him on HER cube...she bounds from the bed and pounces next to Tosh and then WHACKS (claws extended) Tosh on his behind. Tosh yelps and jumps in the air and takes off down the hallway. Snickers starts sniffing the area making sure Tosh did not leave any icky smells behind. I could not believe it. Boy where is a video camera when you need one? Snickers has NEVER shown possession over anything. Now we all are warned...stay off the Cube or meet the wrath of the paw!!!
Tosh was fine by the way, he went and sulked while stuffing his face with food. He is our emotional eater. Food makes it all better, don't you know?
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Sonic is an absolute little horror! Everything is 'his'. The two of them fight most over the computer chair, my lap, and the bed. Radar is allowed at the foot of the bed only, if he tries to creep up any higher Sonic will start wailing and screaming. If Radar gets on my lap Sonic will appear and chase him off me. He is also very posessive about certain toys.

He definitely has a 'this is mine, do not challenge my authority' facial expression!
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When I'm in bed, it is Moose's domain. If anyone of my other cats even look like they're going to jump up, he gets the "you'd better not" look on his face and the interlopers back off. When the bed is empty, he couldn't care less who's up there.
I believe it's just "Alpha Cat" assertive behavior reminding everyone who's in charge.
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