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How to Stop Night Scratching

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I have tried just about everything to try and stop my cat from scratching at the door at night. My wife doesn't want him in the bedroom when we're sleeping and he is constantly scratching at the door and meowing from about 4-7 am. I have tried many sprays, using a water bottle and the Xmat products but nothing seems to work.

The only other option I can think of is one of those pads with the electric shock, but I don't want to do that.

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I'm with you! Thanks for bringing up the topic! We tried the double stick tape thing and Sam seemed to scratch around it. I'd be interested to know what everyone has used too.
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There is a vacuum cleaner trick.

Put the vacuum on the inside of the door, and plug it in..when the cat is scratching..turn it on! It will scare the cat..

Keep doing this until the habit stops. Shouldn't be long.
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I think he continues scratching because he's getting a response from you. If you totally ignore it 100% after a couple weeks I'll bet he'll stop. Meanwhile, you can protect the finish on the door with poster paper taped to the door, and protect the carpet with carpet runner. And earplugs for you and your spouse.

PS - by ignore I mean you don't even roll over in bed.
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Here's a great suggestion from Hissy. Place a vacuum cleaner outside the door to your bedroom and turn the switch on. Run the cord under the door to a plug near your bed. When the scratching starts, plug the vacuum cleaner in. Hopefully the cat will learn that scratching causes the vacumm cleaner to come on, which isn't a pleasant thing for most cats. Now, if your cat LIKES the vacuum cleaner, I don't know what to tell you!

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Thanks for all of the advice. Last night, we put the vacuum on the outside of the door but he still scratched a bit. I will try the trick with running the cord under the door and keep you posted.
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