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I know that we just went threw this question and I read it but of course at the time I didnt think I needed to save it. And of course now I need to know. LOL what size blade for the clippers is best for shaving cats? I know we have a lot of groomers here so if you could let me know what is th ebest size to assure that i dont cut them that would be great. I also wan to know the size of blade for an all around cut. It doesnt have to be to the skin and I ma no tgoing to be cutting small areas like arouns eyes or anything. Mostly the back and belly. Also if I decide to cut the hair around the bottom do I need a trimmer or is the regular handset okay?
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not sure what you mean by an all around cut, but if you're planning on doing a lion clip or getting rid of matts, the blade that most groomers use (myself included) is a #10. That leaves 1/16th of an inch, so that's to the skin. And you should NEVER clip above the ears. For a few of my clients who want it "as short as possible" with no ruff, I'll clip up to the base of the ears, but no further. If you want a slightly longer clip length, try a #7 blade (1/8th of an inch). Rule of thumb for blade lengths: the shorter the hair, the higher the number of the blade... #3=1/2 inch, #4=3/8ths, #5=1/4, etc...
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Great thank-you the blade I got was a 10. I plan to just shave the back and belly. And the bottom as needed on two of my cats.
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