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Zoe and Tania did it! 10 000!!!!

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Who could've known that, when I put these two videos of Zoe and Tania on youtube (to show them to my family and friends), they would each be watched by 10 000 people 3 months later?! I can't help but being proud of my two kittens!

If you ever stop by to watch them, leave me a comment, I would be glad to know what you are thinking of it.

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Oh my! Those are two of the cutest kittens I've ever seen! Congratulations on hitting 10,000!
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Awwww! How adorable! I can see why they got more than 10,000 hits! What sweeties!
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omg... I just had a cute attack
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Toooooo cute!!

I just want to kiss their little heads!!
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Those two kittens... WAY too cute. Congratulations on making the big 10000, you all deserved it!!
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They are just amazing little kittens! How old are they now? Its making me broody for my two 8 week old kittens coming to stay on Saturday..!

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I just love when you post photos of Tania and Zoe, because they are just adorable!

Their little faces make me melt.
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It brings back memories to when Blossom was that age, my how time flies. Too cute.
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Thabk you all! They are both 5 months old now! They're so big compared to then!
Good luck for the arrival of your new kitten, Maoandneko !
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