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My kitten has dry 'pad'?

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My kitten who is 6-7 month old have got really dry pads - the soft part of his pores.. This can't be normal as my older cat who is 1.5 doens't have it and if any one was gonna have it I would have thought it would be the oldest first..

Neither of them is ever out side..

Do anyone why this is and what to do about it??

Regards Mia
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Oliver's paw pads get dry sometimes too... usually when the weather's dry (plus he was an outside cat when I rescued him, so they're kinda callused to begin with)... I picked up a tin of Bag Balm at the pharmacy (I think you're in the UK, right? Not positive if it's there, but you can ask at a local drugstore/pharmacy - sometimes they keep it behind the counter.... if not, try ebay!)... originally, Bag Balm was developed for cow's udders - it's applied to udders chapped from milking or feeding babies... it's kind of a vasiline/petrolium jelly type of concoction, but it's definitely safe for your kitties... over here it comes in a square green tin with red writing... you just take a little and massage it into your kitty's paw pads... they'll find it weird at first and probably walk around shaking their paws and possibly licking at it (that's ok though)... I usually try to hold on to Oliver for a little bit after applying it so it has a chance to set in... it might take a few times for your cat to get used to it
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Oh, bonus! You can use it on your own chapped knees, elbows, heels, etc too!
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I live on Tasmania, Australia,.. I'll try my pet shop smiling..
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Ah ok, my bad... yeah try your pet store, farm supply store (not really sure if such things exists "down there" tee hee) or the pharmacy.... worse comes to worse you can probably find it online
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