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Bringing kitten home at barely 8 weeks old?

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As it was suggested I'm started a new thread so I could get more answers... (background: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...84#post1979984)

Long story short, the mom got an uterine infection. According to the literature, some cats are pre-disposed genetically to such infections that affect the uterus and causes hyperthermia, among other symptoms. The veterinary requested Bali, the mother, be separated from her babies for the duration of her antibiotic treatment (20 days). She started last Friday, so she'll be on AB until around October 20th.

My original plans were to go get both Cybele and Freya around October 18th, so they'd be 10 weeks old. Some recommend 12-16 weeks, however this was the only time I could drive the 10 hours (2 ways) to go pick them up, as in-between I have hospital rotations.

My on-call rotation in 2 weeks has been canceled, meaning I could go get them then. Problem is, they'll be barely 8 weeks at that time. I figured though, since they've been separated from the mother already anyway, and will be so until the date I would have picked them up had the mother not fallen sick, is it still doable, or would those two extra weeks with their other sisters and brothers help them?

They are not even 1 pound yet, the breeder says they just started to eat and drink on their own, except Cybele who still requires the spoon at the time. She also bottlefeeds them with milk solution a few times per day. I told her I'd be ready to do the same, as well as any other treatments they would require (eye washing, etc.)

She knows I'm already dedicated to my little girls and love them to death even though I don't have them at home yet. She's not worried at all about that, she says that if they're autonomous by then she sees no problem with me taking them home earlier at 8 weeks.

What do you guys believe? Keep in mind the little ones will never again be in contact with the mother until I get them no matter the time, as the vet says infectious cells can travel up the milk and infect the babies.

Thank you for your time and comments!
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Well I think it's a toss up. I mean the kittens will still have each other to learn from it's not like you are just getting one.

I think the main problem would be if you were just getting one kitten and they would have no other cats to be in contact with to learn from after you picked them up.

I think if you're willing to put the effort into them than it'd be ok but I'm new to kittens myself. I'm sure someone else will be able to give you alot better advice. You may feel more comfortable leaving them with the breeder until they are a little more independant where feedings are concerned. What if ther was a problem that you were unsure of what to do and your vet was closed?
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Blossom is now a year old & I've had her since she was 3 weeks old (long story). I think she's missed on some cat socialization but she seems ok now. She's always had her wild times (which I've found is perferctly normal for young kittens) but is now affectionate, loves to chase after moths, flys & cockroaches. She has had 2 dogs to play with, which I know isn't the same. She likes to lick us, I think b/c she's never known other cats & sees us as her litter. When I was a child puppies & kittens always went to their new homes when they were 6 weeks old, unlike now where puppies are 8 weeks & kittens 12 weeks.
A persian my husband gave me about 23 yrs ago was 6 weeks & I never had any problems with him. He was the 1st kitten I ever had that used a litter box. No such thing when I was growing up. I think your kittens will be fine, they have each other.
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I agree, the fact that you are taking more then one kitten at 8 weeks will work better. More problems occur adopting a single kitten under 10-12 weeks old and it being the only kitten/cat in the house.

Good luck and post pictures when you get them
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