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Ear Mites????????

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My baby Eddie is 8 years old......I just brought him home from the Vet (humane Society clinic) last week after he blocked........He was great for a week now, he is hiding under the covers on the bed all day and all night......shaking his ears constantly..........He is on his new food and is doing well, using the litter box, drinking water but I am wondering if maybe he contracted ear mites while at the Vet......he was there for a week......he is a strictly indoor cat, no other animals.......any advice I can get I would appreciate........thank you
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Hi, welcome to TCS!
So glad you've joined us!
It sounds like Eddie needs to have his ears checked.
I am sure that members who knows more about this will give you additional ideas.
I hope that you stay around.
Here is a hug for Eddie.

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Are you able to look in his ears? I have not heard of this before, but I would definitely take him back to the vet, maybe even a different vet.

If this came on suddenly, it could be something that got into his ears or respiratory system, but in any case it would take a vet exam to figure it out.

It would not be at all unusual for him to pick up something at the clinic. Even though most places do a great job of keeping things sanitary, in the end it is the fact of so many cats and the same people who are handling all of them.

Is he showing any other signs of disturbance? You mentioned he is fine with his new food and he is drinking.
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