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Peeing problem solved (I think)

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A while back, I posted about my cat's peeing problem. Here's the follow-up:

We went to the vet. The check-up was very good; no UTIs, kidney or other bladder problems, no diseases. The only concern was a very small (emphasize, small) amount of bacteria in the urine. It should be sterile.

We got some antibiotic pills.

We also put one litter box upstairs and he seems to be using it.

The only problem is...ideally, we don't want a litter box in the kitchen, and since this is a small house, we don't have a lot of options.

Anyway, whatever the reason he started peeing outside the box (after successfully using it for several years in it's former location), he seems to be back on track.

Will keep ya posted...

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I live in a one bedroom apartment and also don't have a lot of room for litterboxes. This worked for me: I took one of the doors off a cabinet in the bathroom and put paper bags down and kept the litterbox in there. I even made little cutains to give my kitty some privacy as well as keep the odors inside. He loved it! When I got a littermaid, I had to move it to the front closet, which also works well. I just have to remember to keep the door cracked open. Hope this helps!
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You can try putting the box inside a nice wooden chest like the one I found through meowhoo.com

Look here: http://fatcatfurniture.com/category....TOKEN=97310690
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Wow! those boxes are really neat! Thanks for the link. I'm gonna ask my dad to make one of those!
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It is usually a lot better for a solo cat to have two litter boxes. In a wild colony the bathroom habits of a cat is they pee in one place and then move off and defecate in another. They never pee and defecate in the same spot, so the theory is (and it works) one cat, two litter pans.
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