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I'm looking for a cat to hang out with mine

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My kitty, Sara, seems to be lonely and depressed. I think she needs to spend some time with someone of her own species for a while. Would anyone here be interested in arranging a meeting? I live in New York City. =)
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Would you consider adopting another? It can take a long time for cats to accept each other - days, weeks, or more. It's not always that way, but it can be. If you adopted another cat they could take their time getting used to each other and ou wouldn't have to drive to meet anyone.
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That's a good idea, I'm definitely considering it. Sad thing is, my parents might not agree to another kitty.
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Ask them if they would rather have a dog to keep the cat company or another cute little kitten.

But cats are not like dogs in the social world - they don't just "meet and greet"
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Sure hope your folks will agree to a friend for Sara -- two will probably bond quickly if their introductions are done gradually and patiently, and they will keep one another company when you are not home with them. From our large feline family to you -- here's hoping you will get the go-ahead and consider adopting a sweet ADULT cat from your local rescue or shelter.
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I highly recommend getting her a kitty friend. My girls are litter-mates so I didn't have to go through introductions with them, but it honestly made raising them as kittens soooo much easier. They played with each other and that both kept them out of extra (note I did say extra ) mischief and it also kept my nights quiet!

In the past when we'd been introducing kittens to the house, they would cry at night for attention and things. I never had that problem with my girls.

Now that they are grown they are still best buddies and all. I've mostly had a multi-cat household since I was about 9, but I've at times only had 1 kitty too. But remember, introductions need to be very slow. Part of the reason meet ups with other people and their cats aren't so good is that cats recognize each other by smell and smells change when they aren't together all the time or if they are stressed. (I learned this on here!) Like a few weeks ago when I brought my girls to the vet separately. I had to deal with some hissing and things because of that. If you decide to go that route, check out some threads on introductions in the Behavior section and you'll find some great tips!

Good luck!!!
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