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ringworm reoccurance

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My 8 week old kitten has ringworm, didn't know and brought him home with it. We are medicating and so on. But I have read on some of the post that some cats seem to have reoccurances often. How often have most of you had reoccurance?
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I've had reoccurances often, but this is a very special case. If you go for the full treatment & throughly clean your hosue often, you shouldn't have a re-occurance.
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I am exposed to it from kids at school. Never caught it.

My son's rescue had it - she was around my 3 dogs and Zoey before it was recognized & treated, but no one else caught it.

The most common cause for reoccurance is failure to complete the entire treatment as ordered. Meaning stopping the treatment when it looks good or skipping several treatments.
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The thing is, we got this kitten last friday nite (9-14) and put into the spare bathroom overnite, then went to vet Saturday morning for checking out, bam...ringworm. Now this is a 8 week old kitten taken from mommy and brothers, brought to new place, kept isolated for the next few weeks, not letting anyone around it but me (to keep kids from getting it and from spreading), medicating it everyday, taking to the vet every week... gee wiz...i am so worried what kind of stress this is putting on this poor kitten. But it can't be helped, we have 6 year old cat too and we just can't risk spreading this (our cat is strickly indoor and this kitten will be too) This kitten is sooooo loving when you go into his room, but i can't stay in there 24/7. This is how much this kitten wants out of there, instead of closing the door (Bathroom has no window for fresh air) i leave the door open and i put up a sheet of plywood across the door way that comes up about 4 foot so fresh air can at least get across the top part of door way. Kitten has gotten over it several times and has scratched the top of it's head a couple of times. And oh, after this ordeal is over then, I have to go through intorducing him to our other cat. After this is all over do you think that this ordeal will have an effect on him mentally and the way he will feel about us?
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If the kitten has a healthy immune system then you shouldnt have much problems if you complete the treatment and clean up very well whereever the kitten was kept. My Rio has a very weak immune system and has never fully gotten rid of the ringworm yet.
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[quote=Mom of 4;1979977]I am exposed to it from kids at school. Never caught it.


Human-to-human transmission is the LEAST contagious, while cat-to-cat or cat-to-dog is the MOST. It took me a lot of reading and thought to work that out.

Treat for the entire time you are told to. I was told to use oral, topical, and WEEKLY DIP, all at once, combined with scrupulous cleaning. (But I cannot get my hands on the clotrimiazole DIP! Very frustrating).

I also was told the spores can survive TWO YEARS, and in carpet, and AIR DUCTS. So ... you do your best, and still expect the possibility of recurrence. SIGH.
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