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Kitten in Dumpster

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A worker at a local Fred Meyer found a kitten in a Dumpster, very nearly just born (birth fluid still on it's ears, apparently).

He doesn't know much about kitten care, so I've offered to take the kitten from him... is there any advice for fostering this little one that someone can share?

I've never fostered a kitten before, but I know the basics like keeping it warm and stimulating it to go potty and such.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
*Goes to read fostering websites*
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PRAYERS for this little angel and hope you receive all the help and information you need on the kittens forum
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Where are you located? www.kitten-rescue.com will help
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pick up some kmr (kitten milk replacer)and a bottle or eye droper
and feed the kit every 2 hrs
and weigh it offten
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Keep the little baby warm, around 88F.
Is it only one?
If you can, check back where he was found, maybe the mom can be seen if she's looking for her kitty.
Good luck !
I am raising 2 babies a friend found in her porch when they were about a week old. Now they are 4 weeks, still recovering from being out there without a mom, but growing steadily and happier and happier everyday !
God Bless You !!!
Good luck !
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Thank you all!

I'm located in SW Washington, trying to figure out kitten's schedule around my classes haha. I would go back to see if momma is around looking for the baby, but apparently the people who live around the Fred Meyer's said that their neighbors had a pregnant cat, but they had moved recently.

Little one was in a carboard box under some wooden flats... had to rip the box open to get the poor thing out.

Any ideas on how to clean him? The KMR dribbles down his chin sometimes, and he's starting to smell a bit. Should I just wipe him down with a soft cloth?

Also, he meows pretty loudly... more so than I've ever heard a kitten meow at his age (he's about a week and a half now). Any insights?

Thank you again!

edit:// Anyone heard of giving a kitten goat milk mixed with an egg yolk? Not sure about that method of feeding, anyone know anything about it?
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Yes, you can wipe him off with a warm damp washcloth, it will sort of mimic how his mother would clean him...
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Aww!! Many good luck vibes to you and the kitty!!

I am also trying to learn about fostering baby kittys!!
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of the kittens i've bottle fed the ones on FRESH goat milk did best (we had a goat nursing a baby at the time - and nothing was added),
canned goat milk came in second (cartons of goat milk are worse), and KMR at a VERY low third - i've lost quite a few kittens trying to raise them on that stuff. (interestingly, i've had the same effects trying to bottle feed baby goats - the milk replacer just isn't the same)
if i ever have to raise kittens again i will find some one with a milk goat!
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