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New bed for baby!

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I went shopping for cat toys and ended up buying this really cute kitty bed! It came in pink and blue but I knew if my DH ever saw his manly Reilly sleeping in a pink bed he wouldn't be very happy with me!!

So far Molly has claimed it for herself

It came with a baby bottle toy

I also bought them a new cat dancer....quite the hit!

Reilly loved playing with it

and then Molly came over to see what the fuss was all about

Reilly didn't think much of that and told her off with a big hiss!! (she got the point)
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That last pic of Reilly is sooooooooo cute I love his toe tufts ...and that precious bed is made for Molly, she looks so perfect in it. with her bottle
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Awwww, look at sweet Molly in her new bed!

And Reilly in the last picture...
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PRICELESSLY ADORABLE PIX -- thanks for sharing! I think the bed is tres chic and very appropriate for either (or both!) Molly and Reilly!
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Awww, Molly likes her bed and ba-ba (that's what we called bottles when we were little )

Reilly looks like he's saying "Ma!!! get her away from me!"
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Oh my gosh!!! I'm Miss Molly needs a cuteness warning for those second and third pics of her in her bed! Such a sweet face!!!! (And Riley is handsome as ever of course! Even hissing! )
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I LOVE the 3rd photo down
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Reilly looks ferocious in the last pic!

And Molly looks so comfy in that bed!! Can I come join her?
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Aww...Molly's precious in her bed! I'll bet her daddy has no problem with his princess sleeping in that bed!

Reilly, you're very ferocious...just like a tiger!
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Oh my goodness, she's well comfy there as well isn't she!

@ Reilly hissing. He's just like my Sophie when Jack pokes his nose in where it's not wanted
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Thanks everyone!! Sydney discovered the bed last night and she's been in it ever since. I'll have to try and get some pics of her in it
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Awwww,how cute the baby is in his bed and with baby bottle too. Wouldn't you just want to shrink yourself and climb in with him!
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Awwww, look at sweet Molly in her new bed!

And Reilly in the last picture...

That is just too cute They are so precious, Molly just looks sooo comfy and Reily looks very ferocious in the last photo too cute
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haha Reilly's tail is like a big ol feather duster in that last pic of the hissing! too cute!
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Reilly looks like a little lion!!!! Look at that fur!!!! AWW! They are all sooo sweet! Love the new bed
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